Sunday, August 11, 2013

CNN: "Remembering the Oklahoma City Bombing"

Sunday night, the CNN “Crimes of the Century” series aired the one hour “Remembering the Oklahoma City Bombing”.
The documentary was a pretty straightforward factual re-enactment of the incident on April 19, 1995, carried out by Timothy McVeigh, but set up with the help of two others who then dropped out. 
The basic link is here.

McVeighcc’s public defender attorney Stephen Jones often speaks.  Jones says that McVeigh was totally sane, and very difficult to defend  Jones, generally factual and mild-mannered and a successful lawyer from Enid, OK, often describes himself as a proper “Republican” but moderate in policy views.
Timothy McVeigh was executed on a Monday morning in June, 2011, about three months before 9/11.  He reportedly never showed remorse, but thought he would start an anti-government “revolution”.  Exactly the opposite happened.
The film does trace McVeigh’s resentment of the government’s handling of Waco, which had burned on April 19, 1993.  The film says that McVeigh traveled to Waco and watched it.  Actually, in late March 1993, on vacation, I traveled down there with an ex-boyfriend from Dallas and watched the siege from a bridge about a half mile away.  Today it is difficult to find the site.

The film also looks at the possibility of other acomplices.

Stephen Jones, the defense attorney, believes that McVeigh had traveled to Elihom City, a private extremely fundamentalist community near the Arkansas border. 
The film notes that the Boston Marathon attack occurred almost 18 years to the day later.
The Oklahoma City bombing is the deadliest purely domestic terrorist attack in modern US history, and the largest on US soil except for 9/11. 
After 9/11, McVeigh was always referred to as a “different kind of terrorist”. President Clinton called it “evil”.   

 Pictures: Mine, April 1998. 

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