Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Blacklist" proposes how the Occupy movement could be enlisted to provoke a financial crisis

Monday night’s episode (from Nov. 11) of “The Blacklist” added a new wrinkle into the idea of total financial collapse, Stansberry style.

This time, radicals associated with “Anonymous” and the Occupy movements of a couple of years go shut down the air space with airport attacks so that cash cannot be moved by air.  Then they hijack armored trucks so that cash goes into the hands of the poor in the demonstrations.  I’m not sure where the counterfeiting opportunity comes in.  But once “Monopoly money” was in regular circulation and could not be distinguished readily from real bills, the whole artifice of a financial establishment would collapse, and a barter world would ensue.  That seemed to be the theory.
Spader’s character also smothered a terminal patient, a relative, in bed, in a surprisingly touching scene.

It does seem that NBC’s “The Blacklist” is becoming a catalogue of existential threats to our way of life. 

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