Sunday, November 24, 2013

HBO and CNN: "Terror in Mumbai" about the Nov. 2008 attacks

CNN and HBO are hosting the 90-minute documentary “Terror in Mumbai” about the 2008 terror attack in Mumbai against civilians, largely in luxury hotels.
The HBO link for the film is here.  Fareed Zakaria narrates the film directed b Daniel Reed, for which filming apparently started in 2009.
The film has a lot of footage of cell phone calls among the terrorists tracked through a facility in New Jersey after terrorists activated three SIM cards.

The attacks against civilians were of great brutality, matched in recent times only by the attacks in Kenya (Nov. 23).

Police in India were shipshod at first and did not try to take quick hold of the situation.

The attack was later traced to elements within Pakistan supported by the Pakastani ISI, who used the terror attack targeting apparently affluent civilians for what they saw as political gains in Kashmir. But the attack also had radical Islamic elements speaking of the “Army of the righteous”.

170 people died in the attack, including many Muslins.  Attackers told the media, “This is just the trailer, wait for the rest of the film.”  Zakaria warns that the attacks were fed by poverty and despair of young men leading to a culture of hate, which fantasizes imposing radical Islam on all of India.
Aimal Kassab was the only attacker arrested alive by Indian police.
Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Taj Hotel. 

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