Saturday, November 23, 2013

NBC Dateline "Nowhere to Hide" gives survivor accounts of Westgate Mall attack in Kenya

Dateline Lester Hold and Kate Snow in “Nowhere to Hide”, at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, September 21, 2013. 
The report gave the details of families where parents were separated from some of their children.  In some cases, some relatives were still outside the mall, in others they were sheltered by strangers.
There were cases where people were targeted when their cell phone ring tones went off.
But cell phone video captured the ordeal of the Walton family. The older brother  Phillip Walton protected the younger brother, willing to sacrifice himself for family even though he hadn’t personally “created” it.  “He knew he was responsible for his younger brother” at 14, according to Kate Snow.  They hid behind a barricare of flower beds. 

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Terrorists seemed determine to target civilians as “accomplices” of western civilization.
One mother gave an account of getting her kids to play possum and lie still, and even the two year old did, for 3-1/2 hours.  They are approached by a man who turned out to be a Kenyan policeman. But the Walton boys did not fall for a ruse of terrorists pretending to be police. 
Eventually, a Kenyan civilian helped rescue many of the people, who knew he was OK because he was not carrying a weapon.  It’s unclear how he could float among the terrorists and be left alone, other than by the color of his skin.  The civilian, a Muslim, said that in his mind religious creed should have no bearing on the value of human life, and he disagreed with radical islam.  The NBC report seemed to suggest this was religious persecution of Christians and Jews. The report did not get into the history of Al-Shabaab. 

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Westgate mall. There is a Westgate Mall near Cleveland, Ohio, near Westlake and Elyria and the Turnpike, to which I have been many times.    

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