Monday, December 23, 2013

"Titan Shelters" commercial inspires looking at videos on doomsday bunkers condos

A company called “Titan Shelters” has been running an aggressive one-minute commercial suggesting that “protecting your family” in case of total breakdown is a moral responsibility.  The link is here.  I don’t know how well it would do if we lost electricity permanently, like in the show “Revolution”.  The name of the company is amusing, since Titan is also the name of the largest moon of Saturn and could contain life. Maybe it could be a place for earthlings to resettle. 

The Young Turks offer a 5-minute video “Doomsday Preppers Buy Luxury Shelters for Apocalypse”, with host Ana Kasparian.  With another male host, Ana shows footage of underground shelter condos in Utah or other western states made from former military bunkers.  Some cost as much as $7 million to purchase.  Some have video simulating scenery from windows.  
There is a “shelter condo” in about 12 stories underground somewhere in Kansas. 
The hosts believed that the preppers really fear economic or societal breakdown more than they fear “solar storms”.  If there was am EMP attack, perhaps underground electronics would survive, but the shelter would need its own generating capacity for the very long term.

Media reports indicate that Adam Lanza’s mother had been a doomsday prepper, and had taught her disturbed son to use weapons out of a personal belief that society would collapse.  Her choice of action for her son was most inappropriate.