Friday, February 07, 2014

Youtube offers different views on the public danger suggested by the California power station attack in April 2013

Hiberniason’s video “Mysterious Attack on California Power Station”, 8 minutes, says that cell phone service and 911 response was compromised for a while after the attack. 
He reads an article suggesting that our enemies could be rehearsing for multiple coordinated simultaneous physical attacks on power stations.  He does discuss the possibility of EMP (electromagnetic pulse) and cyber attacks. 
He calls our dependence on electricity our Achilles Heel, giving us a “carotid artery” that can be cut. He often refers to “our enemies”.

GunzGear has a video “Electrical Grid Downed by Physical Attack”

And he talks about Hiberniason’s video.  He discounts the idea that a coordinated physical attack is likely to work because it would take so many people.  He also says he works on construction and repairing damage after storms.  He says that there is a lot of redundancy in the grid, partly because of government regulation.
The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office has four minutes of surveillance video in black and white,  but I don’t see anything happening.

CNN has posted its 2 minute video "Snipers attack US Electrical Grid" with more of the sheriff's video, pointing out what to look for.  Henry Waxman (D-CA) speaks in a Congressional hearing, and a former regular Wellinghof recommends much more security around installations, including opaque barriers. 
I discussed the attack on my “Issues blog” on February 5 after a Wall Street Journal on the attack appeared that day.  I also cover it on my review of Byron Dorgan’s novel “Gridlock”, reviewed Sept. 13, 2013 on the Books blog.  The largest power station that I have ever driven past is probably one on the Missouri River near Pierre, SD (saw it in 1998), and Dorgan’s novel starts near a similar facility in North Dakota. 

A DirectTV ad, which shows a handglider colling with a power line and knocking out the entire grid, plays up the point that crime would go up if the grid went down.  Rather offensive, but true (and I don't know what DirectTV dropped the Weather Channel.)

Update: Feb. 10.  The Wall Street Journal has an op-ed by L. Gordon Kravitz, p A11, "The Power Grid: Our Achilles Heel", link here.  This is no time for a dysfunctional Congress.  But on Feb. 12 Holman J. Jenkins, Jr. offered an op-ed (p. A13), with an opposing viewpoint, that these were vandals with a grudge, "Bulll's Eye on the Electric Grid" (or "Bull's-Eye on the Utility System: There's nothing new about perople shooting out the lights," here
I noticed a lot of longer YouTube videos that purport to dramatize “false flag attack” terrorism.  The concept is explained in various sites, like this account that gives many examples in history, link