Thursday, May 01, 2014

Lynchburg CSX rail derailment, crude oil spillage, detailed video published by local TV station, warns it can happen "anywhere"

Lynchburg VA television station WDBJ7 (not sure of network affiliation) has some detailed video of the CSX freight train derailment near the James River in downtown Lynchburg yesterday, near Ninth and Jefferson St.

The oil boom in North Dakota means that over twice as much crude oil is being shipped by rail than was the case in 2007. 

There apparently was little property damage to residences and businesses, although there was evacuation.
A look at Google Maps shows that the disaster occurred about a mile north of the critical Delta Star transformer plant (Issues blog, Mar 5, 2014).

The History Channel has documented the dangers of rail disasters (“railroad” label on this blog).

Wikipedia attribution link: Percival’s Island along the James River, near the site of the crash. 

Update: May 6, 2014

Picture above and below of repair of spill (personal visit May 5);  tracks are open, all cars have been removed.