Sunday, June 29, 2014

"The Rise of Al Qaeda" plays at the new 9/11 Museum, creates controversy

The September 11 Memorial and Museum shows a brief film “The Rise of Al Qeada”, narrated by Brian Williams of NBC, in the “inner sanctum” area of the exhibits.

The film has been criticized for the use of the words “terror” and “jihad” in referring to (some) Muslims. 
The film is a rather straightforward history of the growth of Osama bin Laden’s following, with events from the days of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan leading eventually to the 1993 WTC bombing, then the attacks in Kenya and Tanzania, and then the attack on the USS Cole.

Until 9/11, “Al Qaeda” had not become a group of concern among most Americans.  During the Clinton years, North Korea had been seen as perhaps a more dangerous threat than All Qaeda, and perhaps that could become so again.  And now there is discussion of ISIS (or ISIL).  

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