Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"How North Korea Got to Be This Way", short film from Vox

Vox Media has a short film “How North Korea Got This Way”, by Joe Posner and Joss Fong.

I wasn’t aware that North Korea is a relic of the Japanese empire.  What’s even more surprising is that North Koreans will return to the country and accept the idea of militarism which keeps the country impoverished.

Outside of the leadership, North Korea represents Maoism in the extreme: equality by making everyone impoverished. 

And it is dangerous.  Besides the silly talk (going to war over a US movie, or bellicose threats) it may well one day be able to lob a nuclear missile toward Alaska or the US Pacific Northwest.  It makes too easy a “friend” for US enemies.  The film “Red Dawn 2” in 2012 was based on a North Korean occupation of the Pacific Northwest with a preceding EMP device.  

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