Monday, October 06, 2014

CBS 60 Minutes interview with FBI Director Comey has some sobering warnings

Pat Milton and Robert G. Anderson produced a CBS  60 minute interview with FBI Director James Comey by Scott Pelley Sunday night, the contents of which were quite sobering. The link is here.
Comey said that about a dozen or so fighters have returned from Syria, and have to be watched.  It is very difficult to stop Americans with valid passports from returning. 
He indicated that he was still concerned that Khorasan could be plotting an attack (probably on an inbound airliner) aimed at the US or western ally country, and that an incident could be imminent.
There was footage of Comey as a teenager. He is now 53, but looks breathtaking younger at 6 feet 8. 
 He recounts a home invasion when he was home with his brother in the late 1970s in northern New Jersey, where he and his brother were captured twice and escaped twice after a home invasion, and the assailant was never caught. (I lived in New Jersey throughout 1970, and then from late 1972 to late 1974.)  
Comey described a lone wolf terrorist as a “lone rat” (the broadcast mentioned a recent workplace beheading in Oklahoma).
He also talked about state-enhanced hacking of American business.  China was the only country he would mention, although it’s obvious that he could have talked about Russia and Putin, which he chose not to comment on. 
The basic link has some extra “overtime” video clips, that have a problem in that the voice part from the interview plays before the video from the sponsoring ad finishes.  CBS should fix this, 

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