Monday, January 26, 2015

NBC Meet the Press airs a short film "Inside ISIS"

NBC’s Richard Engel produced (for NBC Meet the Press with Chuck Todd, Sunday mornings) of a chilling account of an Afghan-born medical student, Ahmed, living in England, was asked by a family to go to Syria and locate two twin girls who had gone apparently to marry ISIS fighters.  The short film is titled “Inside ISIS: One Man’s Story of Being Captured by the Islamic State”.

It was rather shocking that someone would ask a young man to take this kind of risk for “family”.  He had lost a leg (apparently as a civilian bystander) in previous fighting in Afghanistan but walks normally on a prosthetic.  But he hopped a fence from Turkey and went into Syria and found the girls in a city called Manbij just across the border barely in Syria. 
The western husband of one of the fighters reacted angrily and he wound up being arrested and, for a time, tortured (he says he doesn’t want to talk about it).  He was suspected of working as a western spy (which he was), or "worse", a journalist.  But then they started to “trust” him as he helped treat wounds, and allowed him some freedom.  He said that their hatred for the west is apparent in their eyes and beyond the comprehension of most westerners.
This almost sounds like a plot for a larger independent documentary movie.  But it is real life for people growing up with this background. 
Apparently the young man will go to medical school in Britain, perhaps become a trauma surgeon.  
Wikipedia attribution link for Pamukkale hot springs site nearby, across Turkish border. 

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