Thursday, February 05, 2015

"8:46" traces several NYC families in the hours leading up to 9/11

Jennifer Azano (also known as Jennifer Garango) has a 2011 55-minute film on Netflix, “8:46”, which depicts, in Robert Altman style, the lives of a variety of New York City families and individuals starting on Sept. 10 and leading to the crash on the North Tower at 8:46.  It first happens 16 minutes before the end of the film, from the view of a Manhattan highrise penthouse, where a young man has read his wife’s positive pregnancy test.

In one of the families, a father has gotten has gay son an internship in the World Trade Center and is pestering him about showing up on time dressed properly.  There is a lot of tension at the family dinner.

In another sequence, a boss counsels an employee on the 102nd floor about her being “distracted” on the job and tries to help her with personal issues.

There is also a sequence in a NYC firehouse, where a firefighter says he will become a father.

The film takes the morning through the first 90 minutes after 8:46, past the crash in Pennsylvania in the media.  

The official site is here (Forget Me Not and Virgil Films). 

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