Tuesday, February 03, 2015

"Murder in Mexico": CNN reports on border incident (Falcon Lake, TX) as to whether drug wars affect ordinary Americans

Should civilian Americans, most of all those in Texas, particularly South Texas (and maybe other border states) be concerned that drug cartel violence in Mexico could endanger them? Associated with the cartels would be a form of “piracy”.
CNN re-aired its report “Murder in Mexico” about the murder of David Hartley, dumped in Falcon Lake on the Texas-Mexico border at Zapata County, after the couple (with wife Tiffany Hartley) had gone boating looking for a half-submerged old church.  The story is here.
The report seemed to suggest that the cartels that use the lake have an unwritten code not to disturb uninvolved civilians.  But mistakes happen.
The right wing has been saying that a porous border would allow Al Qaeda terrorists to come through Mexico.
Landowners, especially in southern Arizona, have run into legal issues defending their property against random illegals.  That’s a whole business for law firms in Phoenix. 
Picture: Mine, south of San Antonio, 1985.  

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