Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"State of Affairs" episode "Deadcheck" (season finale) presents disturbing paradigm for suicide attacks

There was a concept in the season finale to NBC’s “State of Affairs”, called “Deadcheck”, that deserves honorable mention on this weblog.  (Maybe “Deadwire” or “Millstone” could have been an episode title, -- perhaps even "Bedcheck".)
The central character, CIA operative “Charlie” (Katherine Heigl) quits the CIA to go after a terrorist in the Middle East, Omar Fatah (Farshad Farahat), and at the end, she executes him, letting him suffer a moment.  The “seventh floor” (rather like the phantom floor for John Malkovich) helps her, but the whole concept is rather like replacing an entire Navy Seal team (that took out Osama bin Laden) with one woman (like in Ridley Scott’s 1997 film “G.I. Jane” with Demi Moore, from Hollywood (Disney) Pictures.
But it is the terror concept that is rather scary.  The terrorists have picked out cities in the United States to endure suicide bombers according to how their geographic positions map to the stars in the constellation Pegasus.  Cities that wind up on the list include Minneapolis, Houston and San Antonio. Charlie figures it out by looking at a clear sky in the mountains (in Afghanistan).
All pretty contrived stuff.  Constellations don’t really mean anything now.  (Space weather –  solar storms – sounds like a much more real threat to me.) But it sounds like an idea somebody might even try.   
Don;t confuse this show with "State of Play", a 2003 TV series or 2009 film (April 17, 2009 on Movies blog.) 

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