Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Countdown": Roundtable on WJLA's "Your Voice, Your Future" series updates on Afghanistan, Iran (especially), and drone use

Countdown Part 1” was aired as a 31-minute roundtable by News Channel 8 of WJLA in Washington DC Tuesday night March 24, as part of the “Your Voice Your Future” series.
Scott Thuman hosted. Four panelists on location included Jamed Abdi (NIAC), Adelle Nazaria, Faheem Younous, and Clifford May.  Also, by remote Skype, appearing was Rep. Dutch Ruppersnerger (D-MD), Joce Sterman, Zainab Chaudhary, and Kanal Nawas.
At issue were three topics:  Obama’s troop levels in Afghanistan, especially given the presence of ISIS as maybe more dangerous than the Taliban;  how to work with Iran as a pseudo-ally against ISIS in Syria while still not giving in on its nuclear program, and what to do about commercial (or even personal) drones that could be used as terror weapons.
Netanyahu’s visit wasn’t talked about much, although the Maryland congressman insisted that Israel would be defended.   The biggest issue is the idea that Iran, with a nuclear weapon, could destroy Israel, as with an EMP blast, or could give it to terrorists to attack western countries.  The discussion went back to 1979 and the “death to America” of the hostage crisis.  It would have been nice to cover the situation in Yemen and the recent participation of Saudi Arabia, and possible connections between ISIS and Boko Haram.    
Note Ted Bolton's op-ed (from an advisor to Ted Cruz) in the New York Times today, "To stop Iran's bombs, bomb Iran", link here. Think Progress opined about this on Facebook today. 

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