Wednesday, April 08, 2015

PBS Frontline airs major special on Yemen

It may be an open question as to how serious an “existential” threat terror in places like Yemen and Somalia could pose to ordinary Americans in the US, but PBS Frontline aired an important documentary “The Fight for Yemen” Tuesday night, narrated by a female journalist who had grown up in Sana’a.  The best link for what is going on seems to be here
Much of the documentary considered the effective dual political authority of Al Houthis, who maintain checkpoints and effective control of civilians in many areas, and who in one scene confront the government to be “open” about its meetings. 
The documentary covers the entire country, from the Saudi Arabia border (with recent Saudi military incursions) to Aden.  The country looks more developed than one would expect.
But the developed of AQAP and the capacity to attack the West in more methodical ways than ISIS (lone wolf propaganda) bears careful reporting. 
Wikipedia attribution link for map of Yemen as of 2012 by Geo Evan, under Creative Commons Share Alike 3.0 license.  

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