Tuesday, May 05, 2015

CNN airs special documentary "Murder at the Marathon" while Jahar's sentencing phase continues

Tonight (Tuesday, May 5, 2015). CNN aired a special documentary “Murder at the Marathon”, about the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2015.
CNN does not seem to have a separate page for this documentary, but rather continuing coverage of the sentencing phase for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, link here
The details of that week have been well reported.  But an important part of the documentary was to fathom why the brothers went toward violence, and why Jahar came under such influence from Tamerlan.
Both brothers had immigrated under asylum.  Both were talented.  But Tamerlan became disenchanted when he was not allowed to continue his boxing career because he wasn’t a US citizen, although his own impetuousness contributed to his situation.  Tamerlan had other talents, even classical music, all of which he gave up when he reverted to radical Islam.
Jahar had even become a citizen, learned perfect English, and was popular, although at some point he started to go downhill, along with pot smoking. 
In the boat, Jahar wrote a “manifesto” (a bad word, it seems), or "screed", which gives in to the must crude idea of group religious revenge, that was common in ancient times.  This was “religious” but it wasn’t about permissive western lifestyles or about inequality (as radical Left wing radicalism is). It is particularly shocking that it seems that the pressure cooker weapons may have been placed deliberately near children. A lot of made of Jahar’s behavior during and after the bombings as on videos. 
The Boston Globe has an analysis of Jahar’s tweets here.  The lack of “love” remark right after the event sounds particularly provocative to me.
I don’t get into details about the victims.  In my mind, the experience is comparable to being drafted and then maimed in war, like Vietnam, and then having to deal with bearing the loss of other people’s wrongdoing, having someone have a relationship with “you” after this.  My own word is “casualty”. 
There is no way to make this all right. 

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