Thursday, June 25, 2015

"12 Term Congressman Ron Paul's Warning to Americans about the Coming Currency Crisis" appears this spring

Ron Paul, a former Texas Congressman and an early GOP candidate for president in 2012, has been warning of massive currency crisis, following in the manner or Porter Stansberry, about the loss of the use of the dollar as reserve currency.
BuzzFeed News has a story here.  The reports started breaking in April 2015.

The 54-minute interview "film" appears on YouTube (dated April 15, 2015).  
Paul predicts that ATM’s will freeze and that commerce as we know it will break down suddenly.
Ron Paul’s libertarianism was welcome in 2012 by many, and his recent predictions could complicate his son’s run for president.
The Wall Street Journal has a similar story by Janet Hook here.

One chilling observation is that Ron Paul predicted the housing crash way back in 2003 and said we were in a bubble.  Is he right again?  He says this crash will dwarf 2008.

His ad has appeared on CNN recently, as in “The 70s”.

The most likely trigger for an event like Stansberry would be China's dumping our debt.  (News Channel 8 in Washington DC  discussed this idea on June 27.)
It won’t be so bad, or will it? Or, "I had to tell somebody". 

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