Friday, July 24, 2015

"America: State of Affairs": forum from "Your Voice Your Future" series by WJLA News Channel *

WJLA News Channel 8 broadcast (7 PM EDT July 23) another “Your Voice Your Future” called “America: State of Affairs”. The best link so far is here.  Generally WJLA posts the entire hour-long broadcast soon. Scott Thuman moderated.  I didn't see a studio audience. 
The main focus of the episode was America’s “deal” with Iran, which must be ratified by Congress.  The question is whether Obama’s deal really will slow Iran from making nuclear (or EMP) weapons it could use against Israel or even western countries, and whether there may be a more moderate government in 15 years.
James Woolsey, former CIA director, questioned the because “Iran lies to ‘infidels’”.
Kamal Nawash said, “you need trust”, and that Iran won’t be able to cheat the IAEA.
Clifford May noted that undeclared facilities can’t be inspected.
Amanda Berman noted that it was easier to “deal” with the Soviets after the Berlin Wall fell.

Col MacGregor (remote) noted that while it would be possible for Iran to cheat and make a crude bomb undetected, Iran is not making ballistic missiles (or scuds) and they are not easy to mount undetected. 

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