Thursday, July 16, 2015

"The Whispers": a somewhat sinister idea of an alien attack

I had reviewed the Pilot of “The Whispers” on ABC on June 14 on the TV blog.
This time, there is indeed an intriguing premise for how an alien invasion could happen.  The being is stores as an electromagnetic entity, who communicates telepathically with children (calling itself “Drill” as like an imaginary playmate) to get them to do what it wants.  It has apparently arrived from a star system 200 light years away.

And there is an Air Force Pilot, who supposedly crashes in the Arctic but he winds up in the Sahara, near a fossilized “pickled” unusual rock, reformed into an underground pillar of salt that acts as a communications beacon.
In this episode, the government tries to destroy the beacon with an EMP device. 
The officer, related to a female FBI agent who happens to specialize in crimes against children, has also seen visions induced by the entity (as described in Episode 7, “Whatever It Takes”), in which all the children of the world are simply taken and disappear at once, leaving mankind with no lineage.
Now, the idea that man could stop reproducing and having children has been explored in film before, as in “Children of Men” (2006) by Alfonso Cuaron.

Stephen Hawking has warned that an encounter between man and aliens might not work out well for us, just as a parallel narrative did not work out well for native Americans in the 17th Century.  

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