Tuesday, November 17, 2015

PBS Frontline: "ISIS in Afghanistan"; "Hunting the Taliban"

PBS Frontline on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 aired two short films about Islamic extremism in the far middle East.

The first was “ISIS in Afghanistan”.  The official site is here. The film showed an area in eastern Afghanistan near the Pakistan border. In a remote village, a relatively young male teaches weaponry to boys, showing them how to use a pistol, along with logs of religious exhortations.  Although his voice is calm, the effect is quite chilling. Fifteen miles away is a village controlled by the Taliban, which expects to be challenged by ISIS.

The two brothers, 13 and 17, relate their training to become suicide bombers.

A local village chief says that the villagers must defend themselves with weapons they purchase; the government doesn’t protect them.

The second film was “Hunting the Taliban”, which follows Pakastani police at night in a raid on a Taliban cell in a slum in Karachi.  The film also shows how officials are targeted and gunned down in heavy traffic with little notice by police.

Wikipedia attribution link for NASA satellite image of Karachi, here.

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