Tuesday, December 01, 2015

"Your Voice Your Future" continues with "War on Terror: Securing Europe"

The series “Your Voice Your Future” now seems to be trademarked syndicated series for town hall stations on news affiliates (maybe all ABC) around the country.

WJLA in Washington held one this evening for its second “War on Terror” roundtable, this one “Securing Europe”.  but the main website for it seems to be a station in Reno, link here.

Scott Thuman reported from Brussels, the Molenbeek area, on why young men even growing up in Belgium and France are alienated. 10% of all jihadists who went to Syria come from Belgium.
In Washington, Congressman Rob Wittman, Clifford May, Adbal Latif Bennett, and Zainab Chaudary, and Brooke Goldstein spoke.

There was a note on Obama’s “Junior Varsity” comment, and a general agreement that the US has been completely blindsided by the development of ISIS.  There was a general agree that the greatest danger in the US was lone wolf actors in low tech events.

Picture: Brussels Railway station, which I visited in May 2001, having taken the Chunnel, photo by Saber 68, under Creative Commons Share-Alike 2.5.

I'm hoping WJLA restores all these forums to the web (label "recorded forum events") since revamping its website.  No video of this session was available yet. 

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