Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"Guns in America" debated on "Your Voice Your Future" townhall

Tonight (Jan. 19), WJLA News Channel 8 continued its “Your Voice Your Future” Town Hall series with “Guns in America” (typical link ).

Johnathan Elias moderated, and Jeff Goldberg assisted, by interviewing the owner of a new community gun shop in Falls Church, VA, where there is real training for consumers.

Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe discussed the recent action, where Virginia drops reciprocity with at least states on conceal-and-carry.

Scott Thuman was in Paris, and indicated that the French do not want to loosen gun laws on the American theory that people need to be able to defend themselves. France has about 1/5 the US population but about 1/3 the gun-related deaths (per person).

GOP congressman Tim Murphy was interviewed, and he sounded in the middle on the issue.  Murphy noted that most domestic active shooting rampages came from weapons purchased legally, and that would have been legal even with background checks. Heritage Foundation analyst Hans Von Spakovsky echoed the importance of being able to defend oneself and family in an emergency.  One can become maimed and dependent on others as a result of not being able to defend oneself, so the conservative idea of social capital and interdependence cuts both ways.

A Harford County Maryland sheriff appeared.

Lisa Gold, from Georgetown University, talked about the mental illness issue, emphasizing that very few people under treatment are actually dangerous.

Sara Kerai supported the background checks, whereas David Keene from the Washington Times made the usual self-defense arguments.

Curiously, I don’t find a trademark for “Your Voice Your Future” on USPTO’s TESS system.  I expected to find one.

Another question, with my history of “psychiatric treatment” in the early 1960s after my William and Mary expulsion, would I pass the background check?

The video above is for a similar town hall a year ago.

Picture comes from a military museum near USC in Columbia, SC (personal trip)

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