Saturday, February 04, 2017

Steve Bannon has a script for "Islamic States of America"

Steve Bannon had plans for a film “Islamic States of America” as far back as 2004, and had written the screenplay in something like FinalDraft, according to a Washington Post story, front page, Saturday morning, by Matea Gold, link here.

Bannon seems to imagine a cultural laxness and lack of social cohesion and drop in resilience that allows an enemy to destroy society, probably more gradually than in many other accounts (such as witn WMD or EMP attacks).

Bannon seems obsessed with “the other” indeed.

Yet, at an individual level, his idea that capitalism should be tempered with some sort of faith, since pure individualistic intellect can rationalize anything, makes some moral sense.  It’s the magical thinking, the invoking of holy wars and crusades and personification of Satan and the like that is scary.  That gets way beyond individual personal responsibility and speaks to the durability of the group.

Steve Bannon has produced a lot of right-wing films, and directed some, such as “Occupy Unmasked”, which I have reviewed on Wordpress.

It sounds like Bannon thinks that writing an Executive Order is like writing a screenplay: in your imagination, you can hurt people (like in "The Town").

But Bannon’s influence on Trump is indeed alarming.

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