Friday, June 09, 2017

"Can the US Defend Against a North Korean Missile Attack?" short film by Warthog Defense

“Can the US Defend Against a North Korean Missile Attack”, by Warthog Defense, explains the GMD (Ground Missile Defense) strategy against a low-volume nuclear attack that could happen before 2020.

GMD is predicated on destroying a missile as it re-entry with the kinetic energy of a collision.

The film confirms that Bush was concerned about the idea of an eventual North Korea attack as early as 2002.

A similar defense from NORAD should deflect any high altitude launch from a terror group from offshore intended to launch an EMP attack with a small high-altitude nuclear explosion or possibly flux device.

Check out Foreign Affairs (paywall), Jeffrey Lewis article, "Kin Kong Un's Quest for an ICBM, the State of North Korea's Missile Program", here.

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