Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"Salvation" on CBS looks at the threat of a hidden asteroid, 6 months out, able to extinguish civilization

Salvation”, a new CBS sci-fi series created by Elizabeth Kruger and Craig Shapiro, poses a rather “obvious” dilemma for an end-of-the-world scenario.  The Pilot episode aired tonight (CBS link ).

Liam Cole (Charlie Rowe) is an appealing, clean-cut MIT teenage student working on a project to map all of space.  One night, after a date and while in bed with a girl friend (maybe a first time) he gets a cell phone text that his project has discovered an asteroid due to hit Earth in 6 months.
Here is where there are too many coincidences. The government conveniently has a gravity deflection rocket that it wants to use against asteroids, but it wants to keep the knowledge of the asteroid classified.  But the kid has found out, and might talk (or blog about it).  The Pentagon already has a holographic simulation of the projected course.

Liam somewhat resembles the precocious college student Sal in my novel "Angel's Brother".  But what does Sal know in my opening chapter?  In my case, it's a meeting that sets up the dangerous knowledge for both lead characters, as a plot point.

The opening of the series is intriguing, as Liam is in a scene in a bar with the girl friend that reminds you of the opening of “The Social Network” (Thirsty Bernies), also in Cambridge.  Neither show or film is concerned about drinking age of 21.

But how the world would deal with an asteroid is important, and we don’t know that there isn’t something like this out there.  Is Trump ready for this?

“Space” discusses the physics of the project here.  Comets would be less dense than asteroids.

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