Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"Your Voice Your Future" series from Sinclair looks at "Free Speech in America"

Free Speech in America” became a topic tonight on Sinclair Broadcasting’s “Your Voice Your Future”.  Jonathan Elias hosted the panel.
Jeff Goldberg showed footage of the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, triggered by the proposal to take down a confederate statue (Robert E. Lee’s) in Lee Park in that city.
Alex Lehnert reported from Berkeley on the proposed free speech rally in Berkeley.

The panel comprised Antonia Okafor, Jolene Ivey, Richard Vatz (Towson Statem MD), Donna Edwards (former MD Congresswoman).  There is some concern that “free speech” is in jeopardy because the way a lot of less intellectual people are socialized.

Vatz pointed out that free speech doesn’t mean there are no consequences for speech, and he indicated that a lot of people really don’t believe in individualized free speech if it challenges social order.  Professors are not free to speak outside of their “expertise” at most universities.  Students may feel thet cannot challenge professors on controversial issues.  Antonia talked about shutting down someone else’s opinion in the classroom. 

Is this the “trophy generation” of sheltered kids?'

One speaker (Sebastian Gorky) talked about the “failed days of rage” from 1968 and the snowflake kids of today. 

He spoked about ISIS getting Afghan and southeast Asia warlords to recruit youth.

Ashley Honea spoke from Gettysburg about Pickett’s Charge and the monuments.  Scott Hancock said confederate monuments could be seen in terms of “states rights” as well as slavery and do provide teachable moments. 

Ivey discussed the intent of putting up the Confederate statues. 

Elias discussed the Media Fairness Caucus, and Scott Thuman continued the discussion, into the subject of fake news.

The panel then got into Trump’s accusations of the media on “fake news” and his command “listen to me”.
Brian McConchie reported from Columbia SC on the confederate battle flag after the Charleston shooting. 

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