Thursday, October 05, 2017

Advanced Fusion Systems: "Dispelling the Myths about EMP"

Curtis Birnbach, of Advanced Fusin Systems, presents “Dispelling the Myths about EMP” in 2014.
Birnnach explains the E1 v. E3 threats, and notes that we may not have sound mathematical reasoning on the frequency of extreme solar storms.  It’s possible that a few have irradiate the Earth and caused mass extinctions.

He claims his company’s product is superior to “neutral blockinh” devices that some utilities are starting to deploy.

Virginia (Dominion Power) and Maine are said to be ahead of most utilities in actually designing safeguards from E3 threats.

Advanced Fusion says that proper protection of utilities should cost about $50 billion for all consumers ($500 per person).

He noted that the Russians still use vacuum tubes on some jets as EMP avoidance.

He also discusses non-nuclear magnetic flux guns, which he claims amateurs could figure out had to build, as shown in a September 4. 2001 Popular Mechanics story. He mentioned the scene in the movie “Oceans 11” where Las Vegas is hit by non-nuclear flux. 

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