Wednesday, October 11, 2017

"North Korea 'Decoders' Are Sounding Alarms": from "Moving Upstream"

Moving Upstream, a series, from the Wall Street Journal, has an 11-minute short film in early October, 2017,  “North Korea ‘Decoders’ Are Sounding Alarms”.

Jason Bellini, who I believe traveled with Marines during the war in Iraq, reports.  The film presents a technology group in Silicon Valley, the Middlebury Group, which uses “open source” to re-simulate all the calculations that would be done by the CIA at Langley regarding North Korean missiles.

The group reaches the alarming conclusion that North Korea could probably reach the US with a nuclear weapon even now, and that it will not be possible to force North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons.
The film also notes the possibility of horizontal mounting of weapons inside tunnels, which makes them very hard to destroy.  Some nukes are probably pre-loaded, which would make revenge strikes against the US possible even if Kim Jong Un is removed by force.   But then how good is NORAD?

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