Sunday, October 01, 2017

"What to Expect After an EMP": Video slide show talks you through doomsday prepping

What to Expect After an EMP”:

This video, comprising  lot slides like a grade school filmstrip (20 min) is pretty grim indeed. The EMP is indeed the bogeyman.

Cities will break out into chaos in 24 hours, and rural areas in 5 days.  Will this be a moral purification from the fascist idea of survival of the fittest?  It sounds like it from this video. But there are lessons in how to improvise survival.

Actually, there are more recent reports, from Popular Mechanics, for instance, that report much more moderate, spotty, and perhaps recoverable damage from such an enemy.
EMP attacks go in several stages.  The smaller weapons can produce E1, which affects electronics and many later cars.  It is the E3 (from fusion reactions and extreme solar storms) that can possibly destroy big transformers, which we don’t have the ability to replace.  But utilities may be able to do a better job of grounding them.

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