Thursday, November 09, 2017

"EMP Myths Debunked and your EMP Questions answered by Dr. Arthur T. Bradley", from Reluctant Preppers

Reluctant Preppers sponsors a 54-minute video interview by Dunagan Kaiser of NASA’s Dr. Arthur T.  Bradley ("Disaster Preparer") on the EMP threat.  Reluctant Preppers has ties to Patreon which also sponsors "Strange Mysteries". 

Bradley suggests that an attack could be more insidious than generally proposed.

Devices that are powered off may be less vulnerable than those in use.  Maybe 25% of cars would stall on the highway with some attacks (sounds like E1). But that could cause real mayhem. Because the attack would be unprecedented and irregular and hard to assess at first, a power like North Korea might be able to “get away with it” for a while.

He describes an “experiment” that occurred in Kazakhstan and caused a power plant go to on fire.
Solar systems might be partially susceptible to EMP.

He talks about the rather remote threat to heart pacemakers.

He explains the difference between a solar storm, which is largely E3, with a typical EMP which might be largely E1 unless thermonuclear weapons were used.

It is not likely that an effective EMP could be detonated from an airplane.

Bradley suggests that an enemy like North Korea could try more than one kind of attack in a short time period.
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