Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Jordan Peterson warns of EMP attack when discussing the psychology of communism (and fascism) in a video

Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, generally known for conservative views, “Addresses Socialist Intellectuals” in this video from April 2018. 

The video was made at a panel discussion or QA where he discusses why fascism is usually considered more morally objectionable than communism, Hitler worse than Stalin, and the Hammer and Sickle less objectionable than the swastika.

He makes the comment that the “right” likes hierarchy, and that the “left” serves those displaced by hierarchy, and notes that the extreme right is more likely to define only one group as chosen and entitled to subjugate all other groups.  But communism as an egalitarian utopia has failed every time it is tried.  And Russia – left from the Soviet Union – is still armed to the max.

At 10:50 in the video he mentions the possibility of electromagnetic pulse attack from a thermonuclear weapon (an E3), which he considers a risk from both Russia and North Korea, the latter being the absolute worst.  "You're done" he warns. 

What a discovery for Christmas night.  And we have a president who seems to be unraveling quickly.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

"E.M.P." -- short film shows what happens when a young couple is suddenly stranded in the mountains by an EMP event

E.M.P” (19 minutes), directed by Sebastian Chapela Juy (Mental Paint films), who gave the film his own accolade in a comment on YouTube, dramatizes a fictitious EMP attack over California.  The film is posted on YouTube by the director in April 2018 (after tensions with North Korea had reduced a bit after the Winter Olympics).

A young couple (Jacobelle Luongo and Andrew Marcia) are driving into the Sierra on a camping honeymoon trip when the radio dies, and so does the car.  No one comes buy for help.  Finally they encounter an ex-Ranger type (Trey Van Dyke) who explains what an electromagnetic pulse bomb is. 
   It is quite telling that the young couple had never heard of EMP.  That’s one reason I blog about it!

They encounter a couple of locals, walking into one unlocked house. Pretty soon the inevitable guns appear and people die trying to survive.  Just for water.

There is a sequel (4 minutes. Penny University), what would be working after an EMP event?  A short list: You car if it was made before 1990;  off-road vehicles; Vintage electronics – vacuum tube electronics of the 50s;  basic motors without electronic controls (if not plugged in when struck);  batteries; solar panels.  This little add-on notes that a natural event is possible.  Coronal mass ejections don't destroy electronics; an E1 pulse (from nuclear fission or some flux devices that the military has) does; the solar storm or thermonuclear weapon emits an E3. 
Picture: Mine, near US 50, W of Sacramento, as I was driving to look at the output of a small wildfire on a September 2018 trip. I had a new rental car which would not work in this film,

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

"Dark Matter Hurricane will Collide with Earth" (it's already gotten started)

A young woman from “Inform Overload” warns us “Dark Matter Hurricane Will Collide with Earth”.

Well, it has already started.  A “stellar stream” or swarm of stars has been passing around us for some number of millennia, with gravity augmented by dark matter.  And we have been too sinful to notice (to quote GLIL from the 1990s).
What we should pay attention to, however, is space weather, coronal mass ejections, and start making documentaries on it.  Even at the Weather Channel.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

"New American Nazis" in "Documenting Hate" series on PBS Frontline

PBS Frontline (and Pro Publica) aired an episode of “Documenting Hate”, “NewAmerican Nazis” at 9 PM Tuesday, November 20, 2018 (Episode 17 of Series 36). 
The episode is written and directed by Richard Rowley and the interviewing is done largely by A.C. Thompson.

The episode focused on an informal group “Atomwaffen” of lone wolves who want to create particularly violent attacks.  Four members were living in an apartment in Tampa, FL when one teenager shot two others.  That group tried apparent to attack a nuclear power plant near Miami but was intercepted and stopped by the sheriff’s office and FBI intelligence.  One or two members of the group were said to possess radioactive materials.  It sounds plausible that the rifle attack on a power station near Sunnyvale CA in April 2013 (or a few other similar attacks) could be associated with people who have connections to this group.  One member of the group will stand trial in California for the murder of a gay male Jewish college student. 

The documentary explored various other connections, including Dylann Roof in S.C., links in the past to Timothy McVeigh and Oklahoma City, and to Charles Manson in California, particularly in the Death Valley and Scott’s Castle areas, where there were “hate camps” or “reeducation centers”, which might be outgrowths of civilian reservist groups that had been proposed in the 1980s to deal with any potential nuclear war with the Soviets. .

The documentary maintains that the group tries to “recruit” military members and claims that in a few cases young men have joined ROTC to get access to neo-Nazi contacts.

The documentary finally interviews author James Mason, who had gone dark for 15 years after being in jail.  But Mason, in a particularly chilling conclusion, talked about  Fields at Charlottesville, as well as many others, as “heroes”.  There was a strikingly irrational and superficial ideology that claims “Jews” are the “virus” and that “people of color” and “gays” are the “symptoms”. 

Thompson meets some members of the group in a country bar in Texas (it looks like Houston). 
The film presented the only collection of Mason’s follower’s literature, at the University of Kansas in Lawrence (where I went to graduate school myself in the 1960s).  Thompson also interviewed a professor at the University of Chicago.

The film presents some footage from Pittsburgh Tree of Life (outdoors only).
The obvious question is whether Trump’s presidency and behavior is adding more fuel to their fires.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Chris Hansen has resumed his "predator" sting series on YouTube and it is difficult to watch

Chris Hansen has resumed his earlier series for NBC (“To Catch a Predator”) as an independent series now online, “Hansen v. Predator”.  It is related to his “Crime Watch Daily
These videos are so disturbing that I placed this example on the “threats to freedom” blog (normally for disasters) than on the TV blog. (See also the Book Reviews blog, March 17, 2007 for Hansen’s book.)

Men enter chat rooms and talk to decoys online and drive to the sting house in Fairfield CT.

In many episodes Hansen suddenly appears after the decoy actor or actress leaves the room, and Hansen will sometimes say “Have a seat”.

Hansen has aged and developed a bit of a gut.  He behaves in an authoritarian manner and interrogates the perp on his motives.

Hansen says there has never been a female subject show up to a sting.  He also has produced arguments that this is not legal entrapment.

As the perpetrator leaves, he gets arrested in the garage. The video then will show questioning with Fairfield CT police, who confront the perp with the chat log.  Typically the perp pleads guilty, gets some jail time and must register as a sex offender for ten years.

Internet users, whatever their grasp of the (im)morality of this, should realize that it is very dangerous to arrange meetings with others who claim to be under age of consent in a particular state, from chat rooms.  Police stings are common in every state and in Washington DC.  Public knowledge of the stings should provide deterrence.  (In some states, especially California, age of consent is still 18.) 
The overwhelming majority of situations are heterosexual.  Some men may have grown up in cultures where they are used to the idea of women marrying much younger and having children earlier than the age of consent in many states. 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Paradise, CA, town of 27000, destroyed by wildfire

Various media sources report that the “Camp Fire” has almost completely destroyed the town of Paradise, CA, north of Sacramento (I did visit the California capital in late September).

The town has about 27,000 residents. Almost all the homes are destroyed.
It’s a good question where the people will be housed for the next year or more.  How many people had insurance?

There is also massive destruction around Malibu.

I saw some fire damage at Apple Hill on US 50 during my recent trip.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

"Antifa Got Me Banned from America" based on apparently fake tips from far Left (for conservative from Britain)

Here’s a pretty disturbing story “Antifa Got Me Banned from America to Destroy my Life and Marriage”, by British citizen Jack Buckby.

Buckby had supported Trump, but reports multiple incidents of fake tips accusing him of having made terrorist threats.  One of them seems to an interpretation of a statement in Britain regarding assisting asylum seekers.

This is quite an ironic story, that Trump’s DHS could stop a previous supporter from returning to the US based on fake tips.
Is this an example of the combativeness of the far Left? 

Sunday, November 04, 2018

"Can Russia Invade Europe?"

Can Russia Invade Europe?” from the Infographics Channel.

The animated film (10 min) looks at the Russian 2017 Zapad maneuvers, and notes that NATO is much more advanced than Russia but much of the hardware is in the US.

Russia could invade the Baltics through Belarus and Kalinngrad and hold territory for a while.  There would be a grave risk of the use of tactical nuclear weapons by both sides.

However NATO might be able to actually hold territory in Russia, from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

Russia has conscription, but its volunteer force is growing.
Here is a Quora analysis of whether Russia could invade Finland (which also has conscription). Finland is not part of NATO but is a NATO "partner". It's not far by train to St. Petersburg. 

Monday, October 29, 2018

Some of David Hogg's original video from Parkland shooting incident

Smoking Gun Hogg” or “Hogg’s ‘Original’ Edited Version”, from “The Vortex Math Laboratory”.

I don’t know factually how much of this was shot during the actual event Feb. 14, 2014 at Stoneman Douglas hospital. It looks real. 

“Without action, ideas remain ideas”.
Here is Dr. Phil’s video interview of David.  He already had been told of Cruz's identity shortly after the event, while still in hiding. 

Monday, October 22, 2018

"Hurricane Michael: Inside the Eye"

"Hurricane Michael: Inside the Eye"

A storm chaser approaches the wall as it returns, and gets stopped by a toppled oil rig;
The sun is out in the middle.  Then this becomes like a horror movie. "Take Shelter". 

PD NASA picture credit on Wikipedia. 

Sunday, October 21, 2018

"Are You Ready for The Second American Civil War?": Tim Pool pod cast from this summer

On July 1, 2018 Tim Pool (Timcast) made a strong podcast, an hour long,  Are You Ready for the Second American Civil War?” with two friends, one of them named “Emily” and “Reactor”.

Tim outlines some scenarios, based on numbers of violent protesters, where violent uncontrollable insurgencies within the US could evolve, especially from the extreme left.

The idea is suggested that some day historians may suggest that the Second American Civil War started with Charlottesville.

He also suggests that a massive ground invasion of the US from enemy insurgents is conceivable.

The panelists speculate about the Supreme Court and the possible overturning of Roe v Wade before Kennedy resigned and Kavanaugh was appointed. Pool makes the point that survival supplies could be a good business idea now (along with Nicholas Taleb's "Skin in the Game" theory), but it's based more on the idea of out of control political violence than foreign (North Korean) EMP. 

Tim mentions a March 2018 issue by Chris Hedges in Common Dreams, "The Coming Collapse".  The loss of the dollar as a reserve currency is mentioned, but Porter Stansberry has preached that for years (as does Ron Paul).

Pool made an interesting progression in his history:  from Dred Scott to Harper's Ferry (1859, one of my favorites spots) to Fort Sumter.  Charlottesville isn't quite in that sequence yet. 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

NYTimes recent video: "Is President Trump Fascist?"

The New York Times has a recent (Oct. 15) video editorial, “Is President Trump Fascist?
Jason Stanley (professor of philosophy at Yale) draws parallels between Trump’s words and previous fascists in history. Included is a call for the better times for the privileged people in a patriarchal past.

I think you can make a case for the idea that fascism can indirectly arise from personal values, as we have explored in videos here before. 

Note the old baby:

Thursday, October 11, 2018

CNN: Aerial view of Mexico Beach, FL after Hurricane Michael

The most grave damage from Hurricane Michael was at Mexico Beach, a bit East of Panama City, FL

There’s another video made as the hurricane passed.

Again, I’m lucky enough to have lived in relatively lower risk areas from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires.

But somebody has to live there.

But should public policy encourage people to live “on the beach” and do nothing about climate change? Trump, again.  However, some new construction on pilings did survive 155 mph winds sustained.  That is possible if you spend enough money on metal construction.
This hurricane maintained wind strength on land, into GA and S.C., much longer than most do.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Why in physics, "weaklessness" might not be such a good thing for existence

Why the Weak Nuclear Force Ruins Everything” on Sci-Show. This is a little different from most posts on this blog.  It's only a hypothetical risk. 

Of the four major forces, the weak nuclear force is the only one to violate spin symmetry laws and to treat anti-matter and matter differently.

Some physicists have proposed some alternate universes might be “weakless” – which would mean no radioactivity and no decay of elements, and no nuclear weapons.

That means no North Korea’s.  But it might also mean that since matter and anti-matter would cancel out, there would be no universe at all.

So in physics, ideological equality, however correct politically, isn’t always what you want.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

North Korea Cyber Threat Intelligence Briefing (Aug 2017) from a major security company

Here is a North Korea Cyber Threat Intelligence Briefing by a company called Sensato in Red Bank, NJ in August 2017. 

The company provides consulting to other large businesses on cyber security. The company views the entire cyber threat as “guarded” (comparable to marginal in the severe weather scale).

It says that North Korea sends interests to other developing, authoritarian countries to develop ties with possible criminal undergrounds for hacking. These elements could continue sustained attacks (over 8 hours) even if DPRK crumbles. 

The briefing also considers attacks on civilian way-of-like items like health care systems or ATM’s as more likely than big attacks on essential infrastructure.

Curiously, the briefing didn’t mention the 2014 Sony hack.

But it does say that a company could have to cut off all Internet access for a while to defend itself.
The company shared some of this with me in reaction some of my recent blog posts on infrastructure threats (solar storms, EMP, and cyber).

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Some videos analyze Charlottesville "Zapruder" footage and try to suggest that the whole incident was a false flag attack

Out of a need for completeness and objectivity, I want to provide the link for the longest (54 min) of the “SonoNewo” videos  analyzing various footages of the Charlottesville incident in August 2017.  I don't claim any conclusions based on what I've had time to review. 

This one is called “Analyzing Charlottesville’s Zapruder Film: the Ford Fischer Livestream”. 

I don’t now know the name of the speaker.  He seems to be a thirty-something white man (in the Charlottesville area?) with conservative but not extreme views. The comments on the video outline his argument, and link to some other videos, including an “open letter to Ford Fischer” (16 min), where he analyzes a twitter battle with Fischer.  His channel introduces “10 facts to know about Charlottesville”. 

But the long video hints at a conspiracy theory that Charlottesville was a “false flag” attack set up by the George Soros folks and the “deep state” to goad the extreme left (such as Antifa) into violence. 

 That is to say, many of the “Unite the Right” marchers were actors.  Now this all sounds pretty fanciful, and to me normally would sound about as credible as the idea that David Hogg is a crisis actor with a facelift or possibly sent here from an alien planet with superpowers (a teen Clark Kent).  At times, Newo seems to be implying that various independent reporters suspected a statist plot like this and hung out with the “alt right” to investigate the idea.  (Okay, if they did, is this wrong?  Is this just undercover journalism?)  It doesn’t sound plausible that anything corresponding to this happens on the radical Left.

However, in the early part of Fischer’s video, it does appear true that the Dodge Challenger passes Fischer on the street, and that Fischer shortly passes the maroon van.  Newo says that the van was left parked at the intersection without a driver.  You can’t verify the driverlessness claim from the film itself.  Also, at 7:35 in Fischer’s footage on YouTube, I don’t really hear a crash (just a faint distant sound).

Newo theorizes that a reporter like Fischer would normally have kept following the “Unite the Right” protesters (as other reports followed Antifa).  Instead, Fischer stayed a couple blocks away from where the crash would happen, where there were relatively few people. It’s hard to say whether to make much of this.  Coincidences do happen.  They’ve happened to me. Coincidence has a much bigger effect on our lives than we want to admit.  Would a reporter with press credentials normally be expected to stay in the crowd all the time?  I don’t have such a card, but my own tendency at mass events is to play safe and hop in and out, but avoid the most dangerous gatherings.  (Too easy to get arrested, and maybe injured.)   Had I been there that day, I could well have behaved the same way with no particular knowledge.
Later I may make a trip to Charlottesville myself to go over the analysis of Fischer's movements before the crash; time is very short right now. 
Newo’s video includes an embed of Kennedy’s being shot “from the grassy knoll” and Newo appears to believe that Oswald could not have acted alone in the 1963 Kennedy Assassination.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

"Charlottesville Car Attack: Full Livestream" from Ford Fischer at News2Share

Ford Fischer and News2Share have a 57-minute video from Aug. 12, 2017 “Charlottesville Car Attack: Full Livestream”.  The factual details on Wikipedia, including the fatality Heather Heyer, are here

Fischer is walking in the neighborhood and notes that the counterprotesters are shadowing the neo-Nazis also as on a chess board. At about 8 minutes he near the intersection of the incident, which has suddenly happened about a block and a half from him, downhill and to his left. The video does not show the impacts.  These were multiple, as many of the casualties happened when the Dodge rear-ended another vehicle causing a chain reaction which struck people.

In the ensuing forty minutes Fischer, who has a helmet, notes the mounting casualties and the inability of paramedics to revive at least one victim, Heyer.  Soon multiple ambulances arrive.  Two or three casualties are shown on stretchers. Fischer often advises viewer discretion, but minimizes showing injuries.

There is another video channel on YouTube by “SonofNewo” that offers multiple YouTube videos analyzing Fischer’s work and seems to present the belief that the there is some controversy.  These video mastheads speak of Charlottesville "Zapruder" and "Grassy Knoll" footage.  YouTube will offers these to watch alongside Fischer’s. One of them has a claim that Fischer walked past two of the other vehicles 5-7 minutes before the incident.  I have not watched these yet and cannot yet comment on their relevance (obviously coincidence is possible), but I’ll watch them soon.
There is a general question about “see something, say something” if you are at an event and filming, and see that a crime is about to take place or just has. There is also a moral question about physical intervention when this is possible.  Since 2015 I have witnessed three auto accidents (my car was struck when stopped at a light in the 2015 incident by a secondary impact). On all three occasions I have called 9-1-1 and been quizzed on the line as to whether I could do anything for casualties (stop bleeding, etc) before police arrived. In no case could I have.  But the idea of responsibility is there.  A few days a go, a car went into reverse dragging a woman with it.  I had just left the store and it happened behind me as a homeless person saw it.  Had I seen it should I have tried to assist the woman physically stopping it?  Where are the demands for courage? 
A recent incident where a security guard was fired when she didn't come to the aid of an officer but continued filming provides some fodder for this issue. 

Update: April 10, 2019

The Washington Post has a story (on the sentencing of Fields to Life + 419 years) with a three-minute video with explicit pictures of the car attack impact. 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

"The Future Tsunami that could Destroy the US East Coast"

Skillshare Next sponsors “The Future Tsunami that Could Destroy the US East Coast”, a video from RealLifeLore.

The video concerns the Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands off the NW coast of Africa.

The volcano could cause an undersea rock slide that would at first create a wave 2700 feet high. But by the time it crossed the Atlantic it could hit areas from Newfoundland to NE South America, and eventually Florida with waves 25 meters high and NYC with waves about 15 meters.
There is a certain height at which tall buildings fall if hit by a high enough wave. The video suggests that Darth Vader type of person could move to the Canaries in order to force it to collapse. 

Saturday, August 11, 2018

PBS airs "Documenting Hate: Charlottesville", Part 1

PBS Frontline is offering the first half (55 minutes) of its film “Documenting Hate: Charlottesville”, directed by Richard Rowley, produced and narrated by reporter A.C. Thompson from Pro Publica and CBS.

(The complete film is no longer available on YouTube; visitor must go to PBS site; the preview above can be embedded).

The documentary shows that the violence aggravated by the original demonstrators was much more intentional than generally believed. 

Later Thompson tracks down several individuals associated with the event, some of them from extremist groups in southern California.  The locates Sam Woodward, now facing trial for the murder of gay student Blaze Bernstein and eventually establishes a connection.  He also implicated a defense contractor whom Northrup-Grumman fires, and a Marine Corps soldier as organizers.  The Marines discharged the person.

The film also documents the “Rise Above Movement” or RAM.  The violent nature of the movement has become much more apparent since Trump’s election.

At the end of the film, on of the subjects whom Thompson investigates tries to "bargain" with Thompson on the phone about having his back later in life when he (the journalist) will need to "make money" again.  That is, of course, a stab on journalistic objectivity. 

The mentality of the groups remind one of Timothy McVeigh and all the militias from the 1990s documented after Oklahoma City.  Some people don't learn how to establish their own individual identity very well in our kind of world without associating with group values -- which here include "masculinity", and warrior culture. 

The first episode was aired Tuesday August 7 and a second episode is due in September.

Friday, August 03, 2018

"Cute Boys" video makes a major statement about the political consequences of body fascism, probably unintentionally

I won’t embed this R-rated soft core video (“Cute Boys in Love”) but I link to it to make a philosophical point.  Sometimes porn really does make important political statements about values. 

Two men meet in a bar.  Alex, the shorter blond man, is physical and assertive enough, but is quite overwhelmed by the physicality of Josh.  The dialogue starting at 0:46 gets more critical.

What’s at issue is what Alex wants to have a “peak experience”, something he will involve himself emotionally with.  Ordinary people he encounters in his life just won’t be good enough anymore to have any meaning.

Then we can get into a debate on individualism v. tribalism, and being willing to center one’s identities with the needs of the group (as in Storr’s book “Selfie”) which I’ll come back to later (Books, July 19).
We can ponder body fascism, and the idea of how it can ultimately invite political fascism.
Picture: Penultimate night at Town DC, June 29, 2018.

Monday, July 16, 2018

"Trump Bites": animated short film from NYTimes resembles a YouTube gay kissing video

Here’s a 3-part short animated film by the New York Times, “Trump Bites”. One part of it is "Trump and Putin: A Love Story". 
The main link for all three episodes is here. Does this movie come from Annapurna Pictures? 

Twitter also has it, here.

I think it belongs on this blog to be sure. It’s rather funny to see animated video making Trump and Putin lovers like from “Next Door Mates” on YouTube. 

Putin kills journalists, even overseas. “I think our country does a lot of killing too.”  Sure, ask David Hogg.
Putin, by the way, has no body hair; his chest is frankly womanish.  Otherwise the chest work in the film could matter. Yet he started it all off by supporting the Russian anti-gay propaganda law in 2013, before the Sochi olympics in 2014. "Leave the kids alone" he said.  Make sure I get enough Russian  babies is what he really meant. 

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Inside North Korea's Luxury Ski Resort (NatGeo short film with a British snowboarder)

This Is What It’s Like Inside North Korea’s Luxury Ski Resort”, narrated by Jamie Barrow (from the UK), from National Geographic and Uri Pictures (13 min), short film:.

Americans are right now forbidden to travel to the DPRK, which is just as well for me as a controversial and “dangerous” blogger who wouldn’t get out. And North Korea is a (non-Muslim) country on Trump’s Travel Ban 3.0.
But early 2017 Jamie, an accomplished skier and snowboarder (rather like Shaun White) got to go from England via a visit to China first. The film, however, for the first half, focuses mostly on Pyongyang and the guided tour, and the isolated hotel (where Warmbier got in trouble);  the privileged class in this hyper-Communist (actually fascist monarchy) state enjoys luxury with not many people around.  The film shows an unusual wide-screen array of the city and the journey to the ski resort, which is luxurious but isolated, with few people around.
Jamie was actually expected to place flowers at a monument to the glory of their leader Kim Jong Un (or maybe his deceased father).
I can remember during Basic Training in the Army, feeling a little envy for those in “power”.
Wikipedia attribution link for photo by Laika Ac, CCSA 2.0.  

Friday, June 15, 2018

"Rocks Under I-95 Present Odd, and Scary Threat to Power Grid"

Here’s a 90-second short film on Bloomberg Tic-Toc with Brian Sullivan, warning of a geomagnetic storm coming from a Carrington-style coronal mass ejection, here
Curiously, the link on Bloomberg doesn’t have the film; only the Twitter post does. 

The idea is that old rocks under the Northeast (more or less under I-95) would reflect a magnetic pulse and cause a second hit on the power grid.
A similar effect would happen with an E3 level high altitude nuclear blast.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

"Where Can North Korea's Missiles Reach?": Australian public broadcast reviews before Singapore talks

Where Can North Korea’s Missiles Reach?” Now, that is. 
Even as the summit in Singapore approaches, and we hope goes through, it’s good to review the inventory of DPRK missiles.

This animated film comes from Australian ABC, which is publicly funded.
The announcer does explain that the longest range DPRK missiles are largely untested, despite the alarming reports in late 2017. The short and intermediate missiles are considered well tested and the satellites less reliable.   Submarines work only from a distance of about 1200 miles from DPRK. 

The report does not mention EMP. 
There have been reports that the North Koreans may have faked the destruction of their site last week for reporters.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

"Yellowstone Preparing to Blow!" : the doomsday community isn't ready

Red alert!  Like in Special Training Company in the Army.
Yellowstone Preparing to Blow!  Scientists Reveal”, a one hour documentary comes from PlanetX Today.

I remember hearing the hype about this on an Outwoods hike in Minnesota back in 1999 from a geology professor at the “U” on the East Bank.  It would wipe out civilization, at least in the US for the eastern three fourths.  Can the doomsday preppers handle it?  Even the bobcats will have trouble surviving. 

What’s going on in Hawaii is nothing, except for the homeowners.  There is no volcano insurance.  Why do people build homes there?
Yellowstone blows every 600000 years, farther east each time.  We’re due.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

"Blackout in Puerto Rico" on PBS Frontline

PBS Frontline aired “Blackout in Puerto Rico” (as Season 36, Episode 10) on Tuesday May 1. 
The documentary showed the ubiquitous destruction from Hurricane Maria, a Category 5 Hurricane in September 2017. 

But the recovery was complicated by several factors.  First, FEMA was already hampered by Irma, and the Virgin Islands.

But mainly Puerto Rico’s infrastructure was in poor shape, with power plants rusty and not maintained.  Much of this has to do with a ponzi-like bond trading scheme, which managed to get reinvented even after the first threat of default in 2013.  Part of this has to do with the fact that the US has always regarded Puerto Rico as a “possession” or property (a territory) and has not given residents full rights.

The New York Times has a big article  (James Granz and Frsnces Robles) May 7 on Puerto's recurring blackouts and poor infrastructure. 


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Gay short film predicated on Craigslist ads could not make sense now, given FOSTA

Well, the situation depicted in this soft-R short “Threesome” *Next Door Mates) is probably not possible now, given the passage of FOSTA, 
A male couple advertises on Craigslist for a “housemate” (or, explicitly, "houseboy"), who arrives and agrees to “start work”.  That has some obligations. But now the ad could never have been placed (even if the applicant is over 21).

Theoretically, this would have been seen in violation of FOSTA.

The little film does seem to demand a sequel.  Is that an electric razor on the coffee table in front of the action, or just a phone?  The film seems to have a disturbing Nietzchean undertone. 

Censorship is a threat to freedom.
And a visit to Backpage shows it has been taken down.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

David Hogg: "National School Walkout from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School"

Here is a David Hogg film: “National School Walkout from MSD” (Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Broward County, FL.  (30 min)

Video that he made during the actual shooting from inside a closet does not seem to be available.
A lot of his previous work (before the Valentine's Day event) on his YouTube channel, like the trip to L.A., is witty and interesting. 

Time has a major article on David Hogg's nonstop filmmaking here.

Picture: Fort Lauderdale Beach (Broward County), my visit, Nov. 2017

Update: March 24

David Hogg makes a confrontational video that raised eyebrows among conservatives on Facebook.  Some asked, is he a role model?   Is he talking to politicians, or to bloggers like me? 

Update: March 25

I realize this Facebook video comes from InfoWars, but the claims about Secret Service visits to the high school before the incident seem odd. 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Siegfried Hecker reports on what he saw in North Korean nuclear weapons research (PBS short film)

This American scientist has seen North Korea’s nuclear program up close”, on PBS News. 

On PB, Miles O’Brien reports, Feb. 14, 2018.  The scientist is Siegfried Hecker. He was shown and allowed to hold a canister of warm, heavy plutonium ingots.  Then he was shown some of North Korea’s centrifuging facilities for separating out U-235, which had not been reported before. Hecker estimates between 20 and 40 fission bombs.

Intelligence analysts can look at North Korean procurement documents for the exact aluminum and steel components purchased before sanctions.
I can recall getting bizarre emails about four years ago about “jobs” overseeing Asian weapons component purchases.   Why were they sent to me?  I marked them as spam. 
By U.S. Department of Energy - http://www.doedigitalarchive.doe.gov/ImageDetailView.cfm?ImageID=1000682&page=search&pageid=thumb, Public Domain, Link

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Vox: "What a War With North Korea Would Look Like"

A Vox video by Danush Parvaneh and others, “What a War With North Korea Would Look Like” (6 min).  
The animated presentation features Senator Tammy Duckworth, (D-IL) who lost both legs in combat in Iraq.
The film says that North Korea would be very likely to use chemical and biological weapons in South Korea very quickly and stated the horrific results that could result from one anthrax vial.
The film then got into the “use it or lose it” idea on nuclear weapons.
The video also hinted at the “decoupling” problem of Pentagon planning:  North Korea could some day decide that forceful conquest of the South is necessary to keep the Kim family in power.
Wikipedia attribution link for North Korean missile ranges, CCSA 3.0. Note that the KN-08 is now the H-15. 

Sunday, February 04, 2018

"North Korea's Nuclear Threat in 2018" by The Economist

The Economist offers a short film (Dec. 2017) “North Korea’s Nuclear Threat in 2018” from its “World in 2018” series

The video is commendable for its lack of inflammatory rhetoric and seems to predict that both Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will avoid war and its catastrophic consequences.

The film documents “only” a credible nuclear threat to the West Coast of the United States, not to the entire mainland, despite the Nov. 28, 2017 “parabolic” H-15 test.
The film is surprising in not mentioning EMP. 

Saturday, January 06, 2018

"Why the Threat of North Korean EMP Weapon Is Overhyped" (by Defense Updates)

Defense Updates (sponsored by Patreon) provides a 7-minute short film “Why Threat of North Korean E.M.P. Weapon Is Overhyped?”

The film makes the threat of EMP damage quite alarming, although it doesn’t distinguish between E1 and E3.  It says the US military is well aware of the problem but refuses to talk about it publicly, and that commercial infrastructure is only partially prepared, and real hardening would be very expensive, after decades of stockholder driven cost cutting.  It is interesting that the film mentions specially designed EMP nukes as tactical nuclear weapons.

However, the political climate for Kim Jong Un makes a full nuclear attempt against the US more likely, the film argues, because any attack would result in an overwhelming nuclear retaliation from the U.S. anyway.  The film buys the argument that Kim only wants to stay in power as the third member of a family dynasty.  He got fat to fill it. But I do wonder about the dominoes. 
An E-3 EMP, if pulled off, could so cripple the US that Communist or radical Islamist groups could later land and rule by force.

It seems clear that North Korea has shown how dangerous asymmetry can be in the modern world.

It seems to me that there is a real risk that Kim uses EMP if he hasn't yet mastered the re-entry problem but has mastered exploding a device in flight before landing.  That could be the case already or soon, early in 2018.  That makes pre-emption right now dangerous for America directly as well as Korean peninsula.  Lindsey Graham is wrong in saying the war would stay in their backyard if we fought it now.