Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Gay short film predicated on Craigslist ads could not make sense now, given FOSTA

Well, the situation depicted in this soft-R short “Threesome” *Next Door Mates) is probably not possible now, given the passage of FOSTA, 
A male couple advertises on Craigslist for a “housemate” (or, explicitly, "houseboy"), who arrives and agrees to “start work”.  That has some obligations. But now the ad could never have been placed (even if the applicant is over 21).

Theoretically, this would have been seen in violation of FOSTA.

The little film does seem to demand a sequel.  Is that an electric razor on the coffee table in front of the action, or just a phone?  The film seems to have a disturbing Nietzchean undertone. 

Censorship is a threat to freedom.
And a visit to Backpage shows it has been taken down.