Thursday, July 05, 2018

Inside North Korea's Luxury Ski Resort (NatGeo short film with a British snowboarder)

This Is What It’s Like Inside North Korea’s Luxury Ski Resort”, narrated by Jamie Barrow (from the UK), from National Geographic and Uri Pictures (13 min), short film:.

Americans are right now forbidden to travel to the DPRK, which is just as well for me as a controversial and “dangerous” blogger who wouldn’t get out. And North Korea is a (non-Muslim) country on Trump’s Travel Ban 3.0.
But early 2017 Jamie, an accomplished skier and snowboarder (rather like Shaun White) got to go from England via a visit to China first. The film, however, for the first half, focuses mostly on Pyongyang and the guided tour, and the isolated hotel (where Warmbier got in trouble);  the privileged class in this hyper-Communist (actually fascist monarchy) state enjoys luxury with not many people around.  The film shows an unusual wide-screen array of the city and the journey to the ski resort, which is luxurious but isolated, with few people around.
Jamie was actually expected to place flowers at a monument to the glory of their leader Kim Jong Un (or maybe his deceased father).
I can remember during Basic Training in the Army, feeling a little envy for those in “power”.
Wikipedia attribution link for photo by Laika Ac, CCSA 2.0.  

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