Wednesday, September 05, 2018

North Korea Cyber Threat Intelligence Briefing (Aug 2017) from a major security company

Here is a North Korea Cyber Threat Intelligence Briefing by a company called Sensato in Red Bank, NJ in August 2017. 

The company provides consulting to other large businesses on cyber security. The company views the entire cyber threat as “guarded” (comparable to marginal in the severe weather scale).

It says that North Korea sends interests to other developing, authoritarian countries to develop ties with possible criminal undergrounds for hacking. These elements could continue sustained attacks (over 8 hours) even if DPRK crumbles. 

The briefing also considers attacks on civilian way-of-like items like health care systems or ATM’s as more likely than big attacks on essential infrastructure.

Curiously, the briefing didn’t mention the 2014 Sony hack.

But it does say that a company could have to cut off all Internet access for a while to defend itself.
The company shared some of this with me in reaction some of my recent blog posts on infrastructure threats (solar storms, EMP, and cyber).

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