Sunday, November 04, 2018

"Can Russia Invade Europe?"

Can Russia Invade Europe?” from the Infographics Channel.

The animated film (10 min) looks at the Russian 2017 Zapad maneuvers, and notes that NATO is much more advanced than Russia but much of the hardware is in the US.

Russia could invade the Baltics through Belarus and Kalinngrad and hold territory for a while.  There would be a grave risk of the use of tactical nuclear weapons by both sides.

However NATO might be able to actually hold territory in Russia, from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

Russia has conscription, but its volunteer force is growing.
Here is a Quora analysis of whether Russia could invade Finland (which also has conscription). Finland is not part of NATO but is a NATO "partner". It's not far by train to St. Petersburg. 

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