Sunday, December 16, 2018

"E.M.P." -- short film shows what happens when a young couple is suddenly stranded in the mountains by an EMP event

E.M.P” (19 minutes), directed by Sebastian Chapela Juy (Mental Paint films), who gave the film his own accolade in a comment on YouTube, dramatizes a fictitious EMP attack over California.  The film is posted on YouTube by the director in April 2018 (after tensions with North Korea had reduced a bit after the Winter Olympics).

A young couple (Jacobelle Luongo and Andrew Marcia) are driving into the Sierra on a camping honeymoon trip when the radio dies, and so does the car.  No one comes buy for help.  Finally they encounter an ex-Ranger type (Trey Van Dyke) who explains what an electromagnetic pulse bomb is. 
   It is quite telling that the young couple had never heard of EMP.  That’s one reason I blog about it!

They encounter a couple of locals, walking into one unlocked house. Pretty soon the inevitable guns appear and people die trying to survive.  Just for water.

There is a sequel (4 minutes. Penny University), what would be working after an EMP event?  A short list: You car if it was made before 1990;  off-road vehicles; Vintage electronics – vacuum tube electronics of the 50s;  basic motors without electronic controls (if not plugged in when struck);  batteries; solar panels.  This little add-on notes that a natural event is possible.  Coronal mass ejections don't destroy electronics; an E1 pulse (from nuclear fission or some flux devices that the military has) does; the solar storm or thermonuclear weapon emits an E3. 
Picture: Mine, near US 50, W of Sacramento, as I was driving to look at the output of a small wildfire on a September 2018 trip. I had a new rental car which would not work in this film,

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