Friday, October 11, 2019

Saddle Ridge Fire in north Los Angeles unusually dangerous for closer-in residential areas, it appears

The Saddle Ridge Fire in the San Fernando Valley seems to be approaching major urban population centers much more so than the wildfires of the past years.  ABC News has a "film" right off the press. 

NBC News has a major narrative story.The fire has destroyed 7500 acres, or about 12 square miles.

Google locates the map here

The area is along I-5, just north of 118 and I-405.  It’s about 7 miles north of Van Nuys, were I know people, and about 10 miles from the intersection of the 101 and 405 (which is where I think Reid Ewing filmed “Traffic Jam” in 2012).  I stayed on the southern part of the 405, near Santa Monica Blvd, in 2012.

The Atlantic weighs in with a story by Robinson Meyer, "This is what adapting to climate change looks like." Oct 11, 2019. 

Sunday, October 06, 2019

"Should We Fear the Next Big Solar Storm?" New video is more optimistic toward the end

Should We Fear the Next Big Solar Storm?”, from Real Engineering (13 minutes) is a recent video that needs attention.

The film discusses a solar storm on July 19, 2012, which would have hit the Earth hard had it happened earlier.  The film then discusses the 1859 Carrington Event and 1989 storm in Quebec.

The film describes “coronal rain” on the Sun after a large event.

The film also discusses the wrapping of the Earth with out power lines, as like shielding a core.
Satellites at Lagrange Point 1 can warn us of large coronal mass ejections.

The film explains how transformers could become saturated.  We do have better electronics in the grid today that are being phased in, especially in high latitude areas that are more vulnerable.

The film, ironically, says that the mainstream media has blown the risk out of proportion, but that may be so because there are major improvements in grid stability being implemented now.  It will be interesting to see what scientist Taylor Wilson has to say about this.
Wikipedia attribution link for p.d. NASA coronal mass ejection photo of the Sun 

Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Possibility of Losing It (for Venus at least)

Anton Petrov (“what da math?”) explains that Venus had water and oceans, probably oceans covering most of the surface, and then lost everything in a short time about 750 million years ago.

Suddenly the planet turned itself inside out with runaway volcanism, essentially projectile vomiting from every hole in the planet.  A catastrophic greenhouse event would follow. Petrov theorizes an asteroid hit might have done it, or for some reason (tidally locked”) the pressure inside the core got to be too much.

But this is a lot more than the usual lecture on global warming. There is enough carbon in the Earth to raise the temperature of the surface to 1000 celsium if it all came up.  (Yellowstone??  Probably not enough.) 
There could have been life there, maybe even a civilization (although it should have left artefacts here, like Ncaza line) but its destruction wasn’t man made.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

CNN re-airs controversial "Declassified" episode where neo-Nazi's allegedly tried to overthrow the US government in the 1990s

On Sunday, Sept. 29, CNN’s “Declassifiedreturns to start a season 3, but there was a major review Sept. 22.  The series is hosted by Mike Rogers.
This would normally fit on my TV reviews blog (there is a label “CNN Declassified” with five entries), but  9 PM episode Sept 22 depicted a series of incidents that the series claims was a right-wing plot to overthrow the US government by force, following the script of “The Turner Diaries”, culminating in Timothy McVeigh’s Oklahoma City attack.

The focus of the episode was the mid 1980s, with a series of armored car robberies, such as in Ukiah County, CA, by a loose neo-Nazi group, as in this Los Angeles Times 1984 article.

The episode doesn’t have a title, but the Internet Archive has a summary dated Aug. 19, 2017.
The episode fits into a narrative today that white supremacy specifically is much more dangerous relative to radical Islam and to the radical Marxist Left (Antifa units) than the public generally realizes (the David Pakman show has tended to reinforce this view recently). 

I can remember returning home from work on April 19, 1995 and being surprised when logging on to AOL to find out about the Oklahoma City attack, in the early days of the Internet.

Update:  Oct. 14

On Oct. 13 CNN aired another episode relating a covert investigation during the Clinton Administration of a covert Hezbollah sleeper cell in the 1990s, in Charlotte, NC.  The cell ran racketeering businesses where it would buy cigarettes in low cost states and ship them north. ATF had detected the crime, but the FBI and intelligence services held it up until they worked with Canadian authorities, including bizarre meetings in Ottawa (a city I revisited this July, having been there as a child once I believe in 1952.   

Monday, September 16, 2019

Star WR 104 could become a supernova, possibly fire a gamma ray burst at solar system and drive humankind underground (Petrov, Kaku videos)

Late Sunday night, I found some videos about the WR 104 binary star system, 8000 light years away (1/3 of the distance to the center of the galaxy) which could produce a collision and supernovae, black hole, and send a gamma ray burst to Earth. (Actually there is a third smaller star in the system.)
A more recent one was published in June 2018 by Antrov Petrov, titled “WR 104 Spiral Could Kill Life on Earth”. Michio Kaku has a more graphic video from the summer of 2015 here

The videos say that either star could explode on their own, but what is more likely is a collision and supernova and formation of black hole.
The narrower the gamma ray burst out of each end, the farther it reaches.  But calculations show that even at 8000 light years, the burst is wide enough to engulf the entire Solar System.  Every few months a calculation is made, and the most recent one in early 2018 (that I have seen) showed the entire Solar System in the line of fire. 

It is conceivable that the explosion(s) could already have happened.  We would one day see the evidence of the supernova, as bright as the Moon (one thinks of the movie “Melancholia”).  Since the gamma ray burst travels near the speed of light, it might arrive soon after sighting (maybe within a few decades).
A gamma ray burst is the second strongest explosive event in the known Universe, after the “Big Bang”.  Astronomers predict that this particular hazard could destroy over half of the Earth’s ozone layer, and destroy all plant photosynthesis above ground.  Animals and humans would die off because of the food supply destruction.  The astronomers predict humankind would have to build a civilization underground to live in indefinitely, and only gradually recover the surface after a few decades.
The idea of such a long term threat countermands, possibly, demands to fix the known climate change hazard to protect future generations. Over a time span of a few hundred million years, the Sun will grow hotter anyway, and Man would have to prepare to move, maybe to Mars.  Once the Earth became a red giant, it might have to move as far away as Titan, around Saturn, but that’s four or more billion years away. (Carlos Maza – aka Thanos – already owns all the real estate on Titan now! – this can become a meme.)
Astronomers have no reliable prediction on when WR 104 could blow up, but it sounds reasonable that watching the movements of the two more dangerous stars (even 8000 years delayed) could give an idea of how quickly the geometry of the system progresses over time, and some idea when a collision or explosion could happen (or could have happened).

The practically reality could be that a problem within the next few hundred to few thousand years is indeed possible. 
Perhaps our moral responsibility is to stabilize our planet enough that future generations and their geniuses can figure out what to do about future threats.  The political idea of “selection” (related to “replacement”) is not very acceptable right now. But it would not sound possible to move the entire world population underground any more than you could put it on an escape ship to go to another solar system.

Wikipedia attribution link, PD, NASA photo. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

"End of Space: Creating a Prison for Humanity" -- it could keep an "Evacuate Earth" operation from working

“Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell” has an alarming short, “End of Space: Creating a Prison for Humanity”.

He argues that as space debris accumulates and smaller pieces scatter as a result of little collisions, the pace of collisions could grow exponentially, and make it impossible for satellites to stay up, or for space stations or other structures (maybe O’Neill cylinders, even) to survive for long.  The tipping point could occur suddenly.  It’s like a “space climate change” problem. Space exploration could come to a halt for centuries. 

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

NYTimes video explains the "felony murder rule" and the hidden dangers for ordinary situations

“Why Did I Serve 16 Years for Murder When I Didn’t Kill Anyone?”, a New York Times op-ed video (directed Adam Westrbook).

A man released from prison in California says he was convicted of first degree murder because of the “felony murder rule”, which has recently been largely overturned in California by S1437, as well as some other states.

The concept originated in England but the United States is the only country to use it.  There was a case where an accomplice was convicted of murder and sentence to life because police killed the perpetrator. 
The concept sounds disturbing in the speech context.  It is logical that if you plan a crime that someone else commits, you should be convicted of it.  But what if you incite the person in a political or social context?  What if someone claims your speech radicalized him after a crime?  Could there be legal consequences for that?  Now I’m wondering.

At least for now, be careful about whom you loan your car too, or even computer, or phone?? 

Sunday, August 25, 2019

"You Don't Need to Worry About Yellowstone" (or do you?)

“You Don’t Need to Worry About Yellowstone (or Any Other Supervolcano)” as explained by a geologist. 

The speaker explains that the VEI score of Mt. St Helens is 5.  (I flew over it in 1980.)

There are measurements about buoyancy of the magma which says it is at 15% when it would need to be about 50%.
No supervolcanoes have resulted in extinctions.
MSN News has an odd film of deers showing odd behavior in Yellowstone.
By National Park Service. - US NPS., Public Domain, Link

Sunday, August 11, 2019

"The Media Lies About Trump's Charlottesville Comments"

The Media Lies About Trump’s Charlottesville Comments”, by PragerU, dissects President Trump’s comments about “very fine people” on both sides.

PragerU (Steve Cortez, Real Clear Politics( claims that the mainstream media deliberately mislead the public on who Trump was criticizing and who he was praising.  Trump was talking about the non-violent groups attending, not the violent radicals. 

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Amazon Prime stirs controversy by offering a Canadian documentary on the biological roots of pedophilia in men

I noticed on YouTube that conservative BlazeTV commentator Lauren Chen has a “review” of the 2016 Amazon Prime documentary “I, Pedophile: Understanding the Mental Illness” by Matthew Campea, written with Robin Benger, 50 minutes, produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, MID, and Flame.

I watched it “free” on Prime this morning, and rather than give a trailer I’ll embed Lauren’s 15-minute commentary (with a male companion).

The film interviews subjects (one or more played by actors) and psychiatrists or researchers in Canada (Abbotsford BC (S of Vancouver), and a support group in Peterborough, ON, near Toronto), in Rochester MN (USA), and in Germany, where the legal climate makes research practical to do. It does present the ruthless social stigma, but that is usually shared against all registered sex offenders.

The film presents medical data from cat scans of brains and various studies saying that men who are attracted to pre-pubescent minors (usually girls, usually heterosexual) have unusual wiring in the connective tissues of their brains, and have other anomalies: more likely to be short and left-handed. (The latter is not normally a negative thing:  about one third of Major League Baseball is left-handed, so this is an odd thing to mention.)

The film also says that some pedophiles don’t act, and that others who interact with children aren’t biological pedophiles, so I’m not quite sure what sense that makes.  The film maintains that actual activity may come from psychopathy, but other temptation may come from misinterpreting signals from others (schizotypal reactions).  Some of this dichotomy was covered by Chris Hansen’s series on NBC more than a decade ago, “To Catch a Predator”.
It also mentions ephebophilia without much explanation. It would not be abnormal to be interested in a young adult (post-teen) about to enter biological "summer solstice".  Maybe the harm is that older poeple are then ignored.

Some viewers might be surprised that Amazon offers this content at all, but talking “about” something does not promote it.  Amazon flashed an ad that seemed a little inappropriate, “The Pedophile Hunters”.  I’ll skip the usual embedded ad link for this (today’s) film.
The film does make the “inconvenient truth” point that a biological cause does not always provide a person with justification for protection from discrimination.  So that throws society back to looking at everything and deciding what is acceptable with a democratic process;  nothing is taken for granted.

Saturday, August 03, 2019

CBS video on El Paso incident motive

I won’t make my own coverage of the events in El Paso today melodramatic.

CBS has the best video so far on possible motive and the role of Internet radicalization (if that is mainly what happened; it may not be.) 

I have seen the four pages on Twitter of what is believed to be the perpetrator’s “manifesto”.  This entry would probably have been deleted by now.

The last page has tactical information that would be incitement and illegal under US law.

The other pages are familiar “replacement” ideology, but make a curious reference to “dirty work” and elitism that admittedly was an issue for me when I was younger.

In sum, this document has the stamp of both the far Left and far Right.

Here is the Southern Poverty Law Center’s description (not that SPLC is always accurate). 
The Internet radicalization of some people (besides the chan sites, even on major social media sites and YouTube, despite all the de-platformings and censorship controversies) seems to come from the business model (clickbait) that drives the Internet.  This is very disturbing.

Later this evening the New York Times offered a more detailed discussion in an article by Tim Arango et al.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

"I Received the Most Ridiculous Community Guidelines Strike": a pliability of the meaning of "hate speech"

“Computing Forever” describes a YouTube community guidelines strike he got for “hate speech” (“I Received the Most Ridiculous Community Guidelines Strike”).

The offending December 2018 video is mirrored in Bitchute and is called “British Film Institute Succumbs to Political Correctness”, here.   The video reports that the BFI is backing an “I am not your villain” campaign by not funding films will villains having facial deformities.
Jordan Peterson had gone into this area recently with a video where he talked about Captain Hook in Peter Pan.

The campaign in Britain had apparently been directed at a perception that people with visible deformities are more likely to behave as villains.  I have never heard of the impulse before that such an idea is taken seriously.  (Although back in the 1950s, my own father would make comments about people he saw on emerging television and then in public that expressed that sentiment with respect to obesity, for example.) 

But logically the “offending” video simply criticizes a policy that tries to discourage funding a film that might goad some viewers into believing such a notion.  The speech in the video, taken at face value and read logically, does not literally mean that such persons are purported to be “evil”.

But, as with reporting legitimate livestreamed news content, YouTube has recently had trouble with content that is “embedded” inside other content that provides a larger context, the concept that foreign languages express with a “subjunctive mood” (as formally conjugated verbs) which English cannot do as well without context.

There are associated issues today with casting, where the lack of casting of minorities in a film might be interpreted as hostility by some;  on the other hand, casting a cis person in a trans role (which is less common to start with) is seen as wrong by some.

He makes a comment about Section 230 of the CDA and claims that YouTube is behaving like a "publisher" rather than a utility. 

Would "The Joker" be an acceptable character in BFI's code?  (Unfortunately that's who James Holmes thought he was in 2012.)
The voice in the Bitchute value sounds like that of Black Pigeon.
YouTube is supposed to be warning creators the first time before issuing strikes, but this does not seem to be happening.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Well, do you really need to overthrow "Capitalism" with a "Revolution"?

American Johnson and his Non Comepete channel present ”A Beginner's Guide to Overthrowing Capitalism".  The narrator calls himself Conrad Cornelius Farnum, and then as “Professor Carrot”.

You wonder if this is a spoof, as the tone sounds like that of a 50s propaganda movie.

He does talks about “mass line” and “dual power structures”.

He first debates “incrementalism” or “reform” as opposed to “revolution”.

But for all the talk of comradeship and collective identity, the process still sounds incremental. He barely mentions Antifa. 
It’s interesting that he mentions “Pink Pistols” as an oppressed people’s group as it is actually a libertarian gay rights 2nd Amendment rights group.

Monday, July 08, 2019

"'Demand Free Speech' Meets 'All Out DC'"; Subverse makes a short film about the confrontations in Washington DC July 6, 2019

“’Demand Free Speech’ Meets ‘All Out DC’: Confrontations and Conversations”, a 15 minute film from OnSubverse about the demonstrations in Freedom Plaza and Pershing Park at 14th St and Pennsylvania Ave NW on Saturday afternoon, July 6, 2019.

The film comprises video licensed from Ford Fischer and News2Share.

But the film also interviews participants from both sides and shows some conflict.  There is some more explicit conflict showing arrests and fighting on the version of this material, which is longer (and not censored for YouTube community standards).

At some point, you get the impression that the Leftist or Antifa or “All Out DC” factions are well into collective thinking and personalization, and sometimes make characterizations of other people being fascist or supremacist when factually they are not.

On the other hand, a lot of the time, the "right wing" presence for "DemandFreeSpeech" seemed rather harmless and rather silly, like seeing Milo Yiannopoulos in drag. You're left wanting to go back and watch videos on gay male personal "body fascism" which some people imagine eventually has political consequences. 

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

"All Out DC": Community meeting in advance of July 4 weekend demonstrations make some pretty graphic accusations

All Out DC”, characterized as a DC Antifa group, held a session at a restaurant in Adams Morgan in Washington DC July 2.  Ford Fischer of News2Share (a company he and Trey Yingst started while journalism undergraduates at American University in Washington DC) was invited to film the raw footage of their planning session. The group's meme is "It's going down". 

The meeting embeds a short film about the various components of the alt-right, who will hold a “Free Speech” rally in Washington July 6.  This group will have a counter-presence. The short film is followed by slides characterizing various persons commonly believed to be part of the alt-right and sometimes called “white supremacists” or “neo-Nazis”.

In presenting the video as an embed, I want to remind viewers that this is a one-sided presentation. 

The facts claimed about various individuals may not all be actually true. Generally, when I go to the writings or videos of these individuals, I don’t find these extreme statements.  (Milo’s book is quite a reasonable read.)  But if I go to Wikipedia, generally the articles support most of what they say. From the legal viewpoint of sticking to truth (to avoid defamation), finding the truth is difficult.  It gets to be whose side you are on.

The supposed connection of OANN anchor Jack Posobiec to Pizzagate as presented is disturbing. OANN is a small, conservative news site but its content is entirely within the norms of acceptable news articles. What seems to happen is that statements made by various persons named here in the protest sound just like normal (if hyperbolic) “conservative” speech to people of my generation and are pretty much ignored or taken at face value – we have become desensitized or immune and don’t feel provoked when we hear the speech.  Unstable people take them stochastically and might feel incited into unpredictable violent behavior, as with the Comet PingPong incident in December 2016.

The speakers definitely see everything through identarianism and intersectionality, and they identify as group members (PoC, etc) as much as they identify themselves as individuals. I generally don’t process themselves that way.

There is also a moral question for individuals, like in my situation, of accountability for unearned “privilege”.  Inherited wealth may imply privilege, but it usually comes with strings attached.  As Mitch McConnell said in front of the Senate, not a person alive today is responsible for what slaveowners did before the Civil War.

News2Share lost monetization from YouTube on June 5.  YouTube’s sudden demonetization of most independently produced videos dealing with political conflict (brand safe) seems to be related to the claims that YouTube is making money off of radicalization (particularly on the extreme Right). Tim Pool and David Pakman  (as well as Ford) have both discussed this problem extensively.

I'll take up the situation of Andy Ngo, a journalist badly injured when caught in a brawl in Portland OR recently, soon on another blog. 
If you want to watch some good “Left wing” stuff, try the NonCompete channel with American Johnson. It’s actually interesting.

Friday, June 28, 2019

"Could a Solar Superflare Destroy the World?": Joe Scott says the risk is less than other pundits warn

Joe Scott asks “Could a Solar Superflare Destroy the World?”  (June 24, 2019, recent) 

Scott, who lives in Texas, gives a rather alarming account of the Carrington Event in 1859, which caused auroras as far south as where he lives.

He also says that they are dangerous for astronauts, and would have been on the Moon with a proton stream had they been there for about ten days in 1972.

He talks about the Quebec power outage in 1989, which was about one-third the strength of a Carrington event.

He says our near miss in July 2012 might have cut power for months as far south as Washington DC.
Yet he says, inexplicably, that were it to happen today it would be less of a big deal.  Is our infrastructure in 2019 better hardened?

Extreme solar storms have been presented by Ted Koppel and others as comparable to an EMP thermonuclear high altitude E3 event, but probably they are less severe.
One thing in our favor is that the Sun is an older star, and our magnetic field is on Earth is quite strong.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tim Pool does a video on the EMP threat (after I suggest it that morning in a long comment)

Tim Pool took up my suggestion that he do a video on the #EMP threat the same day that I suggested it on a long comment on another video about possible war with Iran.

The title is “You Don’t Have What It Takes to Survive the Coming Apocalypse.  Do You? Or Do You?”

Pool now has a van with solar power and can move around and broadcast.  He says solar power might keep some cell towers up.

Pool also denies that he is a doomsday prepper.

The threats are varied:  A fission high altitude weapon produces largely an E1; a fusion, an E3;  microwave fluxes that the military has can do E1;  extreme solar storms like Carrington do E3.  We apparently had a narrow miss in 2012/ 

The video uses a Fox News video by Doug MacKinnon June 22.  I have trouble getting 403’s if I link to Fox from here, so I will link to my Tweet that also editorializes.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Milo distances himself from alt-right in important interview video

“Milo on the Alt-Right and Anti-Semitism”, on the AskDrBrown channel.

Milo considers the “alt-right” as simply a reaction to the extreme Left. Mainstream conservatism does not radicalize people.  He doesn’t think that Donald Trump does (although the way people behave at his rallies makes me wonder).

Milo attacks the propensity of the radical Left to assume “guilt by association”.  He implies he is not responsible for radicalizing people just because people think the Proud Boys do that (and even that is not a very reliable presumption).

Milo also says he is matrolinearly Jewish even though raised Catholic. He also makes the point that the Holocaust is not "real" to younger generations the way it is to mine.
I was hoping he would refer to the 2016 Atlantic article (previous post). 

I don't know if Milo was speaking from Miami or from London, but he is supposed to speak at a free speech rally in Washington DC July 6. 

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Two videos: The "real" alt-right is a very limited concept, and very unlikely to mean anything in political influence

I know that the emphasis on this blog has changed recently, but I found a video from PSA Sitch UnDaily that really pins down the definition of “alt-right”, which hardly existed until 2016.

The title is, "David Pakman Doesn’t Know What the Alt-Right Is:  Re: Ben Shapiro."

The definition is, wants an ethno-state for white people only. Likely to implement communism or socialism within that “group”, however.  Richard Spencer is the main example. Donald Trump himself does not count as such. 

Most of the other conservative speakers so smeared do not believe in this ideology as stated.
Atlantic had made an 11-minute short film explaining the concept in December 2016, included in this article. 

Friday, June 14, 2019

"Should We Limit Free Speech for Nazi's", 2017 Debate at CUNY

“Should We Limit Free Speech for Nazis” was a debate at City College of New York in November 2017.

The first of the four speakers was quite the absolutist and said that if we limit free speech, we are giving people licenses to speak, and they don’t have real freedom.
Another panelist said that universities are institutions and do not have to accept all marginal ideas as legitimate.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

"Surviving a Nuclear Attack", a Ted Talk but Irving Redlener from 2013

Here is a six-year-old Ted Talk (Jan. 2013) “Surviving a Nuclear Attack”, by Irving Redlener.

Chapter 0, where the US was the only nuclear power, until 1949.  Then the British Red Joan gave secrets to the Soviets, and we wound up with mutually assured destruction, until 1991, when the Soviet Union broke up.

Now the threat is mainly terrorists, or rogue state, or maybe North Korea.

You only need 8 Coca Cola cans of HEU for a potential nuclear weapon. He even shows an illustrated “terror farm”.

At 16 minutes he discusses the “suitcase nukes” (discussed on my DADT II book, 2002).

Then at 17:30 he demonstrates a suitcase explosion in lower Manhattan, and explains that if you survive it, you should run about a mile from it, perpendicular, before the radiation cloud comes down.
Nuclear war is not survivable, he says, but nuclear terror probably is.

There was no direct mention of EMP in this talk. 

Friday, May 31, 2019

Gary Younge's "Angry White and American" from The Guardian

I heard about the work of British journalist and Guardian editor Gary Younge (who is black) on the David Pakman Show, and traced it to the film “Angry, White and American” (46  min), directed by Jenny Ash, from the Guardian and Sugar Films.  I didn't realize that this film dates back to late 2017. 


I rented the 47-minute film on YouTube for $4.99 HD. Imdb says that the original film runs 65 minutes. 
 The most controversial part of the film occurs early, where Younge visits a convention in Tennessee held by Richard Spencer shortly after Trump took office.  Driving a rental car in the south Younge soliloquizes that he doesn’t like to give white supremacists “oxygen”, but their hidden ideology may be so pervasive that ordinary “liberal” and libertarian to moderately conservative (Reagan-style) Americans need to know about it and don’t understand it.  At around the 9 minute mark there follows a 6-minute interview where Younge debriefs Richard Spencer and Spencer puts Younge down, implying Younge really belongs in his ancestral homeland, in Africa.  Spencer “argues” for a “safe space homeland” for white people, and justifies the slavery and segregation of the past.  This is a shocking interview that will be hard to listen to for most people. 

The UK Independent's Lucy Robinson reports on the Spencer interview here.

The film briefly excerpts Charlottesville with the "blood and soil" meme of the alt-right torch marchers.  

Younge then visits Portland, Maine and talks to police officers about the growing opioid epidemic, which for working class white people has become the equivalent of what used to be the crack cocaine epidemic among blacks during the 1980s and the “war on drugs” which disproportionately targeted blacks. (Nancy Reagan and her “just say no”.)

Next Younge visits Johnstown PA, to show how extreme capitalism, with mergers and outsourcing, has left working class white Americans behind and desperate. It starts to become clear how a white “identarianism” comparable to the intersectionality (for black and LGBTQ people particularly on the radical Left), reinforcing ethnic tribalism and obsession with ancestral roots and lineage, would appeal to people who cannot succeed on their own as individuals. In the most extreme and susceptible persons, that can feed the ideology about “replacement”.  All this helps explain why Trump won. Younge quotes Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” meme.
Johnstown, by the way, got flooded in 1889, arguably because of neglect under "capitalism".  That has been covered in History Channel films. 
He then goes back to rural Tennessee, then to a museum in New Orleans where a descendant of a slaveowner rationalizes how the slaves were treated well and didn’t want to leave after the Civil War, back to Philadelphia MS, here a famous lynching of voting rights workers (two were white college students) happened in the summer of 1964.  This would be covered again in (the late) Gode Davis’s unfinished film “American Lynching”.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Lauren Southern's "Borderless", from an "Emergency Backup": a reasonably objective take on Europe's migrant crisis

I watched Lauren Southern’s provisional 87-minute version of her documentary “Borderless”, from her “Emergency Backup” copy.  She offers a link to pre-order the DCD for $20 here and warns that the video could be taken down again

The film was banned and removed from YouTube and then restored.  I am not sure of the details.  Here is a link explaining the influences of some politically influential NGO’s in Greece who make a lot of money from the refugee trafficking. 

Lauren was banned from Patreon when a “social justice warrior” reporter her conduct in a particular refugee operation at sea near Italy that had happened a year before. Patreon’s latter to her suggested she had interfered with operations (or helped fund interference) in a way that threatened lives.  This was an example of what Jack Conte would later call “manifest observable behavior”.

I can’t get into details now, but my own checking into this could not confirm that she really had interfered with the operation in a way that would endanger lives;  I do not know the factual truth at this point.

The film (directed by Caolan Robertson) is a bit episodic and disjointed and seems not to have gone through final editing yet. It has some nice animation in the early scenes.

The meat of the film starts as Southern does night guard duty near the shores of Turkey, and talks to local farmers who see the waves of migrants whom she says were arranged by smugglers.  Later she will return on film on Lesbos (an ironic name for an island in Greece) where many migrants stay.
Soon she explains the Arab Spring in 2011, which started to unravel around 2014 when Obama withdrew more troops from Iraq and Syria started sending trains into Europe, and around that time, migration around the Mediterranean greatly increased, partly because of conditions in Turkey.  Later she maintains (in interviews) that ISIS has recently infiltrated some migrant operations.

She also showed an attempt by Migrants to time fence jumping into Ceuta, Spanish territory on the tip of Morocco.

Toward the end, she interviews people in Ireland, including a lesbian asylum seeker who fled Zimbabwe with her son, and a hotel manager who sounds reasonable at first but then starting ethno-talk, Ireland for Irish people to return to and all that – which is what slides back to alt-right ethno-nationalism, which I agree is objectionable.  Remember the 1993 wars in Bosnia?

Southern is right in showing that many migrants do not live very well in Europe, with the homeless shanty camps near Calais, France as an example.

There is absolutely no way this film is “hate speech” by any reasonable standards from the past. 

On Memorial Day, Lara Logan of Sinclair Broadcasting will provide a report on how many (illegal) migrants at our southern borders owe "debts" to drug cartels.

Here is a criticism of her film by Red Ice TV. 

Thursday, May 23, 2019

"Forbidden Conversation: MILO" with Jordan Peterson: confrontations with truth that politicians can't afford to face

Milo: Forbidden Conversation”, and interview with Jordan Peterson (105 minutes).

This may sound like Milo’s own idea of a leftist “conspiracy” theory, but Milo thinks people will be targeted and removed from everything of they get in the way of collectivist revolution and solidarity by standing out with their “truth”.

He thinks that his comment about an earlier relationship he had as a teen was hunted for by conservatives so as they could distance themselves from him, but he thinks if is much more common than anyone admits and much less harmful in practice to most men than people will admit.  So the mainstream establishment accepts that no one can afford to tell the truth about it.

His negative “existential” comments about gay men at around 1:08 will disturb many people and remind me of George Gilder in the 1980s (“Sexual Suicide” and “Men and Marriage”).

Yet it is the fact that he keeps these ideas (“giving up fatherhood”) in circulation is a tremendous distraction from solidarity on the Left.  It’s about reproduction, procreation and lineage (and dropping out of that).  Gay men have to replace that with creativity.

Toward the end Milo gets into his argument “There are no men left in the Catholic church.”

He also thinks that the usual hype on how HIV is treated today winds up with more black gay men getting infected.

Milo’s book is called “Dangerous” and Facebook labels him as “Dangerous”.  Milo also says “I am one of the seven people who put Trump in office.”
Milo says he is trying to set up a radio talk show and that it will be kept off social media, just email lists (like Web 1.0).  It’s hard to see how you could wall yourself off (except that the social media platforms have banned you).

Friday, May 17, 2019

"You Can't Watch This": new documentary about the deplatforming of "conservatives"

You Can’t Watch This”, a 51-minute film by George Llewlen-John, looks at the censorship and de-platforming of several conservative speakers, from RFSW productions, released May 15, 2019.  

The individuals involved are Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Gavin McInnes, Tommy Robinson, and Paul Joseph Watson.  Milo Yiannopoulos was not covered on in the film.

Laura Chen shows the trailer and explains the problem.

The film gives a lot of history of Alex Jones, who had set up InfoWars back around 2000 in Austin, TX. It is true that apparently he got into trouble with his accounts of the Sandy Hook shootings in 2012.

Tommy Robinson is well known in the UK apparently for anti-immigrant views.

Laura Loomer had disrupted a Shakespeare presentation and chained herself to Twitter.

But in a short review of a film covering this problem, it isn’t possible for me to assess the claims by the social media companies that these individuals are unacceptable.  Facebook, in its Purge 4.0 on May 2, declared these and a couple other individuals “dangerous” publicly.

Personally, I watch very little of their content, although I have read Milo’s book and watched some of his interviews.  Most of his content is just conservatism. I am aware if a few controversies that Milo and a few others have been involved in (and a few silly or dumb conspiracy claims), but not in enough detail to know the truthfulness of what is said. Some of Alex Jone’s claims about David Hogg were simply dumb, but the only result was that David became stronger as a result.

But Laura’s review explains how these creators are denied a right to defend themselves by the smears and quarantines.

Chen's review emphasizes that the tech companies have over-leveraged Section 230 and acted like publishers when they want to keep the downstream liability protection, the "moderator's paradox".
The far Left tends to see “quarantine” and banishment of “enemies” as a way to protect oppressed minorities and tends to see individualized speech as a grab for power by the already privileged.  

Chen also explains that these person's "online reputation" keeps them from making a living any other way.  That was a problem I foresaw and wrote about two decades ago.

The documentary can be rented on Vimeo for $3.99. 

Sunday, May 12, 2019

"What Happens If You Get Deleted?" as per Martin

Martin Goldberg (“Economic Invincibility”) aired a particularly chilling video today “What Happens If You Get Deleted?

He starts out with an anecdote of a woman whose financial records were erased because of a clerical error at Wells Fargo connected to her mother.

But soon he discusses the recent problems of payment processors banning access to supposed dangerous people, probably under “know your customer” rules, but likely motivated by politically motivated collusion coming from far Left lobbying and pressure against “dangerous” individuals with “dangerous” ideology (white supremacy).

He traces the idea of a cashless society where someone who is blackballed is never allowed to buy anything and is forced into possible suicide.
This video was released a day after Tim Pool announced his own “restructuring”.

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

"Why China's Social Credit System Is Worse Than You Think" by William C. Fox

“The Exploration with William C. Fox” has a 16-minute video yesterday, “Why China’s Social Credit System Is Worse than You Think”.

The film starts out with a reference to George Orwell’s novel 1984 (which became a film), pre-Internet.

But soon it shows how high tech surveillance watches China’s citizen’s private lives, on issues like playing video games too much or refusing to volunteer.

This seems like an extension of the idea of “right-sizing” people which is getting traction even with the American Far Left, as we are seeing with social media company bans. It certainly sounds as if monopolistic social media companies in the US are joining in.  Is Facebook's prodding users to run their own fundraisers for non-profits the beginning of a "social credit" system? 

Update: May 20

Tim Pool has a similar video, and explains how tech companies are doing this today.  It's possible to recreate someone's voice on a video to make a fake one so smear them. 

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Timcast: "Leftist Activists force Mastercard to Vote on Banning the Far Right"

OK, a Timcast becomes a “film” today. “Leftist Activists force Mastercard to Vote on Banning the Far Right”.
Tim Pool quotes a Buzzfeed News story by Mark Di Stefano   The group promoting the idea is called "Sum of Us" and the name suggests solidarity and collective activism.  The "people before profits" almost sounds like a meme of its own. I don't approach policy problems this way, but I do "report" them. 

Apparently Mastercard will vote on a proposal at a shareholder’s meeting in June.

There have been several instances of “conservatives” or persons with supposed connections to the extreme right having bank accounts, even personal ones, terminated.

It has become common and acceptable (even expected) for payment processors to cut off access for foreign terror organizations (like ISIS).
But domestic terror is much more insidious.  It is much easier to accuse persons falsely of connections to, say, white supremacy than it is to accuse them of connection to radical Islam.  That is why this development sounds so dangerous.

Friday, April 26, 2019

"8 Ways the World Could Suddenly End" Ted Talk from 2014

Steve Petranek gave a TedMidWest talk in May 2014 “8 Ways the World Could Suddenly End”.
The most important was an asteroid, sneaking up, undetected.
He warned that India and Pakistan alone could put the world into nuclear winter.
He warns that a Carrington-style solar storm event (near miss in July 2012) could disable the power grid for 20 years. He says buildings also need much more underground space.
He points out that one of the three substrains of the 1918 Spanish H1N1 influenza was 100% fatal, and this could happen again.  

Monday, April 22, 2019

Innuendo Studios explains "White Fascism": when race is defined by what it is not

This is a pretty disturbing topic, but this 22-minute animated slide-show from Innuendo Studios deserves a watch.  It is called “Endnote 2: White Fascism”.

The film takes the position that the top of the triangular pyramid in fascism is whoever wants to be in power because they were in power before.  So the “in group” in a fascist system is defined by what it is not.

That explains the “one drop rule” for mixed race babies in the US, but it also explains the totally irrational idea that “Jews” are not white.  In fact, in the Middle East, most people (Jews and Muslims alike) are and look Caucasian. But “white fascism” as the video explains, defines whiteness by what it is not, and that changes with time as the quest for power gets narrower.

The film does not get into the notion that one's personal tastes in an intimate partner need have political implications (the body fascism idea), even though white fascism condemns intermarriage. However some social justice warriors believe that personal body fascism leads to political fascism. 

At the end, the film examines whether the Trump administration is fascist -- and is this a matter of intent? 

I can remember this as a boy, that many of the terms being thrown around by my elders did add up as making logical or consistent sense.
You can have an effective conservative YouTube channel and discuss "conservative" ideas without sounding "fascist" by simply not attacking anyone or any other groups.  Discuss the principles only, not the people. Stay away from "them" below "us", from the tribalism. 

Sunday, April 14, 2019

"The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe": strangelets from neutron stars

“The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe – Strange Stars Explained” by Zurzgesagt for his “In a Nutshell” series.

The stuff is called “strangelets”, variations of elementary sub-particles that may form inside neutron stars. When neutron stars collide, these "strange quarks" might be released into the wild open space.

If a strangelet hit a planet, it might “infect” the planet which turns into grey goo, very much the way prion infections in the brain work. The whole Earth gets mad cow disease.
The Sun goes cold, too, if hit.

But it hasn’t happened in four billion years.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

"Why YouTube Banned Hunter Avallone": another conservative explains the bizarre (temporary) banning of a YouTuber with no community strikes

Why YouTube Banned Hunter Avallone” by James Allsup, actually starts out as a video with some pleasant springtime nature scenery until lowering the book (like a typical nuclear war short film). Oh, the video owner may live in Texas and be waiting for a visit from a neighborhood bobcat.  I’ve watched those videos before.

This time, the catastrophe is that a popular young conservative's YouTube channel was suddenly suspended by YouTube – that is Hunter Avallone’s – with no previous community guidelines strikes, on April 8.

It happened the day before a major hearing in the House on harmful content (see my main blog).
Hunter was able to get it restored about seven hours later.
YouTube had tried to claim that collectively it was “hate speech”.  It is not, when judged by normal standards of civility. It is critical of how some people behave and questions some “axioms of non-choice” (the opposite of how mathematics really works).   But the combative far Left is indeed moving the dial to protect its own ("intersectional") tribe(s) from any conceivable “stochastic” harm. This is a case of campus speech codes and ideas like trigger warnings and microaggressions entering big Tech content monitoring staffs. 

Sunday, April 07, 2019

"The PewDiePie Pipeline": video from a self-characterized leftist source does make a case for taking "stochastic terrorism" seriously as an insidious online threat

I’m linking to the one hour film “The PewDiePie Pipeline” by “NonCompete”, with subtitle “How edgy humor leads to violence”.

The video, at about 18:00, defines “stochastic terrorism”, a term originating in the Left (main blog, April 1). He also quotes Thomas Ridgewell as to how gamers and entertainers (like PewDiePie) should take responsibility for younger or more impressionable viewers.

The second video that follows does not recommend content censorship, but does talk about “organizing” and “action” – yet here most of the action is counter-speech.  

The first video contains footage from the Covington Kids incident in January and appears to misrepresent the facts.  We know from other sources and other video (and expressed in some litigation) that the Covington high school students did NOT intend to harass Nathan Phillips.

Monday, April 01, 2019

Reason Magazine editor questions and explains "The Libertarian to Alt-Right Pipeline"

ScotchOikos (apparently Zach Weissmueller from Reason) explains “The Libertarian to Alt-Right Pipleline”.  For a YouTube video, this is a stunning, attention-grabbing and not uplifting title.

It’s rather disturbing, and the speaker, who says he is in his early twenties himself, first admits that people his age are sometimes malleable as to their future political views.

There are circumstances that can lead libertarians and Bannon-ists to support the same ideas, for different motives.  He gives an example of Barry Goldwater’s candidacy against LBJ in 1964.  (I remember the short documentary “The War Game”, seeing it in grad school before being drafted).
Given his own background, it is expected that he would discuss the way anti-Semitism mixes with anti-government ideology. 
The also gets into the idea that non-white peoples today are more likely to believe in collectivism, so the “whites” need to organize themselves because individualists can easily be defeated by an organized, united “enemy”.

There is also simply the idea that persons may be forced into personal interactions with others that they do not want intimacy with, because they have grown up with a certain ideal favored by a more segregated past. Individualists may feel shame in being expected to demonstrate as part of an "oppressed group". 

Saturday, March 30, 2019

"YouTube's Messy Fight": Carlos Maza (in 2017) covers a growing existential threat to independent journalism and newbie self-broadcast free speech, post Charlottesville

YouTube’s Messy Fight with Its Most Extreme Creators”, by Carlos Maza (and Coleman Lowndes).

This video dates back to late 2017 (after Charlottesville) but it right on topic as to the problems with censorship and particularly ad demonetization and showdowbanning of recently some right-wing content.

Maza’s Strikethrough series on Vox is one of my favorites.  Maza is humorous, but sometimes on Twitter goes overboard on how he characterizes some specific people (like Tucker Carlson).
Maza explains that the importance of YouTube (and Blogger and even most hosting plans) is the low barrier to entry and the absence of regulation familiar in broadcast (although in cable the regulation is less).

In the past two years, since Trump’s election, there has developed the idea that gratuitous content (free), or patronage content or channels based on ad-clicks, have become vulnerable to manipulation not only by religious extremism (radical Islam, as a few years ago) but especially by the “alt-right” (for want of a better name) and the particular relation that ideology has to U.S. history.
I used to dismiss the “alt-Right’s” rants as just silly.  If you want to call a particularly vocal teenager (about gun control reform) a crisis actor and then call him an extraterrestrial alien, you’re just making the teenager look powerful, like a future Clark Kent. You’re just being silly. You’re helping the teen get rich before starting college.
But there is also a problem that disturbed individuals with grievances know that if they act out, vloggers and even “for free” bloggers (like me) would want to be perceived as valid libertarian-oriented journalists, have to talk about them and what they did (even if they don’t name them repeatedly). That’s an inevitable artefact of free entry.  I try to isolate the worst cases on this particular blog.

I even feel that if someone who “acted out” published a particular grievance about someone like me (not just for LGBT issues itself but for more subtle things like childlessness and intellectualism) I need to know about it and be prepared to respond to it.  I can’t just join a “group” to protect me.  

There is a moral question about “too much talk” without “action”  -- “skin in the game” – but now even the “Take Action” buttons on non-profit sites could be misconstrued.  We are heading into an environment where, as we have seen (with FOSTA, terror content, and now copyright issues in Europe) there is pressure to take away downstream liability protections from platforms, with a belief that amateur speech (as YouTube and even this Blogger platform) should no longer be encouraged – people need to join up and enlist and work together in groups and support each other – which introverts like me don’t do very well.
We’ll come back to some of the legislative proposals with another video just for this blog soon.  But Maza has gotten a needed conversation started with this particular video.