Sunday, March 24, 2019

David Hogg makes multiple videos on visit to New York City this weekend, while Ford Fischer is coincidentally nearby at the same time; more details on Parkland emerge

David Hogg was in NYC this past weekend and made at least two compelling videos.
In this video he talks to a community organizer in the Bronx (I think) on how facilities to help youth aren’t open.  They look into how a specific shooting happened recently. 
I lived in New York 1974-1978/  I feel a lot more uncomfortable in some parts of DC (esp. some of SE) than in NYC..  
On Friday night, March 22, David found a church with multiple orange ribbons to commemorate those lost to gun violence, and made this video 

Ford Fischer, reporter and filmmaker of News2Share, was a few miles away in NYC filming a pro-Trump rally.  Ford films rallies and protests of all political views and remains neutral.  I tried by Twitter to get them to meet.
At the same time, there were vidoes of new Article 13 protests in Germany and more Yellow Jacket protests in France (which Ford had filmed in February on a visit). 
Here is a short video from late March 2018 where David and one of his teachers describe in more detail what happened on Feb. 14, 2018 at Parkland.

The teacher did a lot to save the students, or the toll could have been much higher.
I would not consider teaching if teachers were expected to “volunteer” to be armed.

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