Sunday, November 17, 2019

"This Is Life": Lisa Ling talks to NYPD about crowd protection and novel threats, for CNN episode

“This Is Life” with Lisa Ling examined the NYPD’s efforts to protect the public in big public events, like New Years Eve.

The episode suggested that today authorities are much more concerned about lone wolves (esp. the domestic extreme right) than foreign radical Islam cells of a few years ago.
The placement of sharpshooters is controlled now by algorithms (quite classified) during big events.
In one case there was a warning about plutonium 269 found in a refuse can, but it turned out to be improperly disposed medical waste.  But the idea is not unprecedented.  A novel manuscript that I had written in 1981 (called even then “Tribunal and Rapture”) ends with a “Communist” attack in urban areas with radioactive material, because (in the last days of the Soviet Union and post VietNam, post-Mao, such an incident had been thought possible).

Friday, November 15, 2019

"Turkey Seizes Zaman Newspaper" (March 4, 2016)

Turkey Seizes Zaman Newspaper; Erdogan Goes Dictatorship” is an animated short film of Erdogan’s violent move against the press on March 4, 2016;  he claimed that the press had ties to terrorists (and to the US.)

Another video is “A Dark Day for Turkish Democracy”, which Abdulhamit Bilici, who was expelled that day, presented to the forum “The Future of Speech Online” at the Center for Democracy and Technology today.
Wikipedia attribution link for last issue of Zaman before takeover by state.  By Own photograph, 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

"This Thing Can Kill All Life in Oceans by 2050": You're guess is probably right

“Ridddle” presents “This Thing Can Kill All Life in Oceans by 2050”. (Replace the preposition "until" with "by".)

It starts with blobs of warm water, near the Canadian west coast, leading sea lions to starve to death, in 2014.

Then other bowls of warm water develop.  Areas of dense algae and weed group, and oxygen content in the ocean is lost.  Carbon dioxide is absorbed, until the ocean is saturated, and the atmospheric CO2 really does skyrocket.
By 2050, David Hogg could have become president. He’s likely to preside over catastrophic climate change.

Friday, November 01, 2019

"The Left Doesn't Get You": why facts and analysis won't work with SJW's

Here’s a good video on why “The Left Doesn’t Get You”, by “Actual Justice Warrior”.

He explains why a committed far Leftist views any person who has benefitted from privileged and hasn’t had “their” share of oppression is evil.  He quotes AOC as emphasizing being morally right rather than semantically correct.

The excerpts a Twitch conversation with Hasanabi on the Ferguson MO 2014 incident, where leftists refuse to look at facts that Police Officer Darren Wilson may really have been physically threatened at one specific moment by Michael Brown.

He also analyzes NonCompete’s video material (“American Johnson”) especially the “PewDiePie Pipeline”, where he shows the radicalization pyramid starting with ideas beliefs, then microaggressions, and leading to genocide. He discusses NonCompete’s explanation of “stochastic terrorism”, which David Pakman has sometimes mentioned.