Thursday, February 20, 2020

Coronavirus and The Fourth Turning

“Peak Prosperity” has a particularly interesting and disturbing video today, “The Social Upheaval Caused by the Coronavirus Is a Symptom of the Fourth Turning”.  I don’t like to reuse the same channel too often, but this video is particularly important.

The Fourth Turning” is a 1996 book by William Strauss and Neil Howe.  It maintains that history goes through cycles like seasons of the year.  The fourth season in winter, where there is revolution after confidence in institutions breaks down and there is great mistrust.

Harvard Vlogger John Fish has talked about reading large volumes of books.  I can’t recall if he has mentioned this one (he likes “Moral Tribes”) but I have a feeling he will soon, given what is going on. I’ll probably give it a retrospective preview on my Books Blog.

The last fourth turning was probably WW1 and WW2.  We’re about due.

Martenson doesn’t go into this aspect in detail today, but during the “winter” there can be a lot of expropriation of wealth, even by conflict and force.  Remember how the elites were destroyed by the Russian Revolution in 1917, and it got very personal.  This can get very ugly.  Yup, so was the Holocaust.  At age 76, maybe I’d vacate in time.  I might not have any legitimate place in a world resurfaced by such a turning. 
Martenson mentioned a 5:3 male:female ratio of Covid-19 infection.  He also notes that South Korea is already considering locking down one of its cities.

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